Warren Spector 'so tired of stuff' like Wolfenstein

DT:Wolfenstein: The New Order was announced only this morning, but game creator Warren Spector has selected it as the ambassador of all he hates in the industry. Questioning the need for its existence, Spector has expressed dismay at yet another shooter.

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NYC_Gamer1897d ago

I agree,that too many mindless shooters are flooding the market left and right.

Abash1897d ago

Im just bummed out by so many FPS games like CoD, Battlefield, Wolfenstein, etc. already getting a next gen version ready as soon as the new consoles launch. It's like we cant even get a slight break with a new console gen starting from all these shooters

Phil321897d ago

There wasn't even as much genre fatigue for me with the 90's platformer craze than there is for me and FPS games. (And the 90's platformer craze was immense.) So tired of this schlock and it getting hyped all the time, bought by some many. I understand they are fun, but in small doses. I don't need a new FPS every week. Perhaps that's why I'm hoping the Wii U finally does well, because just like the Wii, that system seems like it could offer more variety than a plethora of gun games.

Donnieboi1897d ago

Yeah I was hoping for Fallout 4. Instead we get a sequel that nobody was really asking for.

dedicatedtogamers1897d ago

I think people are being too hard on the game. Let's see if it turns out.

If we were really so tired of mindless shooters, then why didn't hardcore gamers rush out and buy Spec Ops: The Line? Oh wait. It's because it isn't the mindless shooters that people hate. It's the fact that most of the shooters are low-quality. It is no coincidence that on the rare occasions a quality (notice I said quality, not unique) shooter comes out, both gamers and journalists all rush to shower it with praise upon praise.

Mounce1897d ago

Even then. Last I saw, Warren Spector was just another one of thoes Old-generation game developers who're self-obsessed and talk about how the new generation sucks ass.

Just like the Atari founder and many other old guys of the gaming industry who're arrogant that their ways were the best and this 'age' can't make anything great.

Why should we care if this guy is 'tired of stuff like-' Anything? It's his opinion but how is it NEWS?

Would it be news if we learned he took a shit at 3 in the morning? Does him not caring or being tired of something change or improve the industry? No....

So, really...Why is this news? An opinion from a developer should only matter if it's a revelation of some sort like say if Hideo Kojima says "movies are flawed compared to games Because:" Then sure. etc etc.

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MilkMan1897d ago

Thanks Warren, you're my hero.

megalonagyix1897d ago

I don't get it what's his problem. COD gets a release every year. Wolfenstein gets released with like a 5-year-break and brings a totally new concept to the series. I mean what the heck should it be, platformer?

admiralvic1897d ago

I agree, it and most (if not all) non CoD / BF shooters should be canceled to prevent us getting tired of the genre. /s

DragonKnight1897d ago

It doesn't matter that one specific game takes a break when the whole genre doesn't. People will begin to not care if it brings something new because it'll be viewed as just another shooter among the sea of shooters.

admiralvic1897d ago

I disagree.

You're basically saying to punish fans of Wolfenstein, simply because there are too many other games similar in nature. Should we also decline Doom 4 and Timesplitters 4 for the same reason?

From what we know, Wolfenstein The New Order takes the series in a new direction and that's it. It makes no sense to call out the game that is credited for making the genre, simply because it remains a FPS, when we should (if you're really sick of the genre) call out NEW IP's that are FPS games.

DragonKnight1897d ago

"You're basically saying to punish fans of Wolfenstein, simply because there are too many other games similar in nature."

That's not at all what I'm saying. I'm explaining what his problem is and why anyone would have the same problem. There are too many shooters out there and so, Wolfenstein or not, people will be turned off by yet another shooter. People want something different and the fact remains, no matter what Wolfenstein may change or add, it's still a shooter at its very core and many would skip it for that reason alone if they have genre fatigue.

admiralvic1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

"People want something different and the fact remains, no matter what Wolfenstein may change or add, it's still a shooter at its very core and many would skip it for that reason alone if they have genre fatigue."

Isn't that a rationally invalid statement? If you want Wolfenstein, then regardless of how you feel about the genre, you'll probably end up buying it. I don't think anyone is expecting the "original" FPS to become a RTS, Turn based RPG, Platformer or Card game, so it really boils down to whither or not you want "Wolfenstine". I mean, how many people that love the series are going to skip it simply because "I played too many shooters". It just makes no sense to make a stand against this game, when new IP's should be blamed.

Not to get too far off subject, but this is one thing I am really getting sick of (and this isn't directed at you). "Genre fatigue" is way too subjective of a concept to really talk about it. Yes there are a lot of shooters (a lot of people like to lump FPS and TPS games together and merely call out FPS games), but there are still plenty of other options out there. If people just so happen to suffer from this, then they should shut up and play other genre's. There are plenty of interesting new games to play, like Soul Sacrifice and playing them will make these "tired" shooters seem better. In the end, I guess I see this concept like the various ism's. People apply their own conditions upon them (like I am only excited by FPS games) and then complain that the genre is getting out of hand because I am not interested by other things. So one sided and stupid.

DragonKnight1897d ago

You're still missing the point. Wolfenstein may appeal to fans, but if people and developers are tired of shooters then it won't appeal to them regardless of what it brings to the table. This gen has been filled with shooters of all kinds. There comes a point when people become tired of the same old gameplay and themes. Yes, there are other games to play. No, there are no other genres as dominant as the shooter genre this gen, and that includes all games with a heavy emphasis on gunplay, whether it be FPS, TPS, whatever.

The safe bet for any developer is to make a shooter, or a shooter hybrid this gen. Call of Duty proved that people will flock in droves to it. But it also created this gen's Clone Wars. The previous gen it was Grand Theft Auto, this gen it's Call of Duty, and people are tired of it.

Genre fatigue is subjective, but also very real. And just as no one can say "most are tired of shooters," it also can't be said that no one is tired of shooters.

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mydyingparadiselost1897d ago

Actually a platformer RTS COD sounds awesome.....................

GillHarrison1897d ago

I do understand the FPS burnout, but I think we gave Warren Spector too big of ego. His last two games were mediocre at best. I do hope he makes a comeback with the same brilliance as the original Deus Ex.

IIC0mPLeXII1897d ago

Is he going to have the balls to say that when Half Life 3 hits, or Doom 4? Its an id shooter, that quality is no where close to the cod shovelware.

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