Assassin's Creed Designer Patrice Desilets Leaves Ubisoft (Again)

"Patrice Desilets left Ubisoft. They snagged him back. And now he's gone again, Kotaku has learned.", writes Kotaku.

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majiebeast1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Well this was to be expected. The guy leaves Ubisoft to go to THQ, because he didnt like where Assasins Creed was going. Then the new studio he works at and its projects get bought by Ubisoft, after THQ went down.

I feel bad for the guy. Just when he thought he got out they pull him back in. I wonder if he will just go indie now or keep trying his luck at a publisher. I hear Eidos Montreal is looking for a game director for Thief after all the previous one's quit.

Nakiro1965d ago

It seems like he was terminated and didn't leave by choice.

kwyjibo1965d ago

Desilets confirmed that he was fired. Should update the story.

Looks like Ubisoft are going to shit-can his game, and get his studio to churn out assets for Assassin's Creed. I guess he disagreed.

Trago13371965d ago

I wish he could fix Assassin's Creed, it's like watching your child grow up to be a crack whore.

bunt-custardly1965d ago

Wow just wow. I don't get why these sorts of actions have to take place (security guards marching employees out of the offices). I can understand there's potentially a lot of passion involved, but surely there are more humane ways of dealing with these situations.

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