New Order Looks to Pull Wolfenstein Out of Under Appreciation; New Home Equals Perfect Medicine

VG Republic Writes: Bethesda is at it again, the company that is turning into the publishing gurus unveiled one of the most underappreciated titles from this current generation, a new Wolfenstein. The title, The New Order, was shown off on YouTube and Gamespot via a teaser trailer that can be seen below and it was also revealed that the title will be a cross generation title. The last Wolfenstein was a solid game releasing in 2009, but the issue is it released amongst one of the most muddled genres, the First Person Shooter, which seemingly doomed it from the start. Not only that, it was previously published by the same company that produces Call of Duty, Activision, and if that isn’t enough it hit the market the same year as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which was one of the most influential titles of this entire era. So with a new developer teamed up with one of the best publishers on the planet, which is exactly what Wolfenstein needs.

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wallis1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Honestly I wouldn't have thought this would fly but it makes a lot of sense. It's clear that bethesda takes risks with their investments and as much as I worship id software (I own the doom board game) they don't really get... writing. I don't know who they hire but IMO he's at the heart of the problem. I loved Rage's gameplay but it felt like John Carmack's once famous quote that video games need plot in the same way porn needs it was still part of their design philosophy. It was written like a commercial or a music video and didn't feel much longer than one.

Still though - take the franchises you now own and put them to work. That's a clever move. Id software still have some cracking talent and I hope they're on the right track with Doom 4 but Wolfenstein New Order looks like a genuine showcase for id tech 5 that won't take fifteen years to hit the market. Between that and the whole sort of retro silly alternative history vibe (which makes WAY more sense than simultaneously acknowledging the mecha-Hitler fight whilst ignoring the historical implications of blowing his brains out) I think this has the possibility of being a good game.

Not to mention the trailer had a kick ass soundtrack. They get serious points for the choice of song... even if it is a bit anachronistic.