Disney Has Gone To The Dark Side

Come see my reaction to the announcement that EA won exclusive rights to the Disney Franchise. It is a dark time in the galaxy indeed, my padawans.

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NYC_Gamer1930d ago

I expect EA to produce nothing but low quality shooters based in the Star Wars universe

nick3091930d ago

Made by DICE i expect something that is high quality.

pompombrum1929d ago

But EA shut down DICE Canada which I think means they only have one studio. To have them working on Star Wars would mean them taking a break from modern day battlefield and I just can't see EA wanting to take a break from their biggest IP.

The best we can hope for would be Respawn working on a Star Wars game.

C4rnos1929d ago

A lot of people are forgetting that EA has access to the original KotOR developer; Bioware, Dice is the best studio to make a Battlefront-like star wars game, and Visceral games (dead space series) are confirmed to be working on an untitled Star wars game.

This is a good thing, despite EA's DRM choices i hope something good can come of this.

3-4-51929d ago

If they were smart they would avoid mixing DRM with Star Wars games.

You don't want your first game in a deal to be the one that pisses off all the Star Wars fans from whom you plan to make your billions off of.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1929d ago

The dark side has chocolate.

DMAgony1929d ago

And cookies...don't forget the delicious cookies.

Axonometri1929d ago

EA has some mighty fine developers, just because it's EA, that doesn't automatically spell BAD games come from the deal.

DMAgony1929d ago


EA buys some mighty fine developers, and milks their talent long enough to make a quick buck then fires their asses.

DMAgony1929d ago

I somehow get the feeling that a lot of the EA apologists are younger gamers. Cause if you played games in the 90's, you remember EA before the dark times. And you bore witness to franchise after franchise being bought out by EA, then destroyed before your very eyes so they could make money off of the name they bought.

RBlue_Desire1929d ago

Well I am young gamer too, bot not a EA apologist. -__-
The reason I hate them most is what they did to my beloved NFS franchise and Dragon age.

I remember when in all of their old games the ea logo came and I felt like someone awesome.

"EA GAMES, Challenge Everything" *vroop*