Splinter Cell Blacklist - Spies vs. Mercs | Old Meets New

Ubisoft:The man who first brought SvM to Pandora Tomorrow is part of the team at Ubisoft Montreal responsible bringing it back in Blacklist.

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Ask1899d ago

omg sweet I used to love this game mode :D

Wagz221899d ago

Shit hit disagree instead of agree, damn phone haha so +1 for agree, I loved it too

Ask1899d ago

It's OK, I forgive you haha :)

Septic1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

This has just become a must buy for me. Spy vs Merc is so cool. I hope the feature where, if you manage to grab the enemy, you can speak to them before executing them.

What's with the addition of killstreaks though? Did it really need it?

ShabbaRanks1899d ago

I don’t think those were killstreaks, but anyway I know what you mean lol. I am tired as f*ck of devs making everything CoD like.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to get this tho. I reallllly realllly miss RainbowSix and this is like the closest thing to RB6 Ill ever get so far :( Please UBI, f*king show us some RB6 patriots footage at E3.

-GametimeUK-1899d ago

In spies vs mercs on Double Agent you had Drones at your disposal.

Septic1899d ago

Ah yeah actually I remember. Hope they sort the netcode out because that's what really let Double Agent down.

jetlian1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Only thing im not liking is the 1 hit kills on melee. Like I said Ubisoft is the best!! AC4,WD,SC all this holiday

I couldn't full tel what they were saying but the drones one seems to be in the 4v4 mode called blacklist. The other mode didn't catch the name was 2v2

jaymart2k1899d ago

Classic is 2 v.s 2

"SPIES have:
Flashbang, Sticky Cam, Smoke Grenade, Sentinel (destroys enemy grenades and drones), EMP grenade

Sticky Shocker Bow (None-Lethal) , works the same as PT,CT

MERCS have:
Intel Device (reveals all enemies in range), Proxi Mine, Resupply pack (weapon + gadget ammo), Frag, VX Gas Grenade"

Assault Rife (standard weapon)

Maps in Classic mode will also be darker for Spies to hide better.

This according to a Q&A from the community developer

JohnApocalypse1899d ago

There is also RS: Patriots but that's probably gonna come out next year now