Gamesradar- Preview: Splinter Cell: Blacklist brings back Spies vs. Mercs

GR:The classic multiplayer mode makes a return in Blacklist (originally conceived in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow). A team of Mercs, playing from a first-person perspective (FPS-style), takes on a team of Spies playing in Splinter Cell's classic third-person perspective, in objective-based matches. In the 2-on-2 classic mode, players are outfitted with limited equipment, dropped in a shadowy map, and tasked with hacking (or defending) multiple data terminals. The updated 4-on-4 Blacklist mode modernizes Spies vs. Mercs with new equipment and abilities, as well as a progressive weapon and equipment unlock system. The Mercs' armory includes equipment like enemy-tagging drones, heavy armor, and tech-jamming devices. Conversely, spies can equip themselves with devices that help them stay undetected, using invisible digital ghillie suits, enemy location scanners, and equipment-destroying EMP devices

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