Game Informer June Cover Revealed: Infamous Second Son

This holiday will mark the release of the Playstation 4, and gamers can't wait to learn more about Sony's jump to the next generation. One of the biggest games announced for the PS4 is Sucker Punch's Infamous Second Son, which has the starring role in our massive 30-page PlayStation 4 cover story.

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MaideninBlack1841d ago

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Prcko1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Infamous BABY!!!

-Alpha1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Here it is

There's also a video in the link if you can embed that

Abash1841d ago

I cant wait to play as Delsin and see how his story plays out, I know Sucker Punch is going to blow us away with this new new chapter in the series

N4OGs1841d ago

this is gonna be one hell of a game. eat your heart out iron man! second son is some extremis stuff baby!! and if you cant take the heat stay the heck out the kitchen. because where there is smoke theres fire!!!!

all aboard the charCOLE TRAIN

majiebeast1841d ago

There is also this tiny bit of news at the end of the article

"Also watch throughout the day as we reveal three new PlayStation indie games."

thechosenone1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

particle & volumetric effects look beautiful in this game. wow!

miyamoto1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


My Goodness!
The Second Coming is almost here!

Troy Baker voice I presume?

soonic71840d ago

I still think that infamous 1 had the most minblowing twist i have seen in a game (yes, i played bioshock, i still prefer this twist). I mean (spoiler alert) the one who was behind the explosion, murdered your girlfriend, turned your best fried against you and the leader of the first sons is no one but you(i mean Cole of course).

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1840d ago

"Infamous BABY!!!"

That is what they said when i was born!

Eyeco1840d ago

I like the Infamous games but I really wished they explored the RPG aspect of the series , so it played more like an action rpg like Baldur's Gate, that and really wish there were more moral choices kinda like in Fallout 3.

nolander641840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

In all honesty, InFamous 2 has one of the best stories I've ever played in a video game. The evil ending left me in tears... manly tears, that is.

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dedicatedtogamers1841d ago

Was inFamous 2 a good game? I played all the way through inFamous twice (once good, once bad) but for one reason or another I never took the time to try inFamous 2.

matrixman921841d ago

when I started Infamous 2, I though it was a huge step down from 1. But after I got a little bit further into 2, I really started liking it.

ApolloTheBoss1841d ago

It was ok, IMO. I personally liked Infamous 1 more since it had a stronger plot. But the gameplay improved dramatically and I'd say it's definitely worth a try.

Blastoise1841d ago

Gameplay is much better, but the story isn't as strong. Still great though

maniacmayhem1841d ago

If you like inFamous 1 then you'll like part 2. The changes are very minimal and you pretty much do the same thing you did in part 1.

But it was still a fun game to play.

Conzul1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Dude it's free for PS+, and the evil-side ending is one of the most emotional and intense endings I've ever seen in any game, ever. The good ending is good too, but not as strong as the evil one.

Gameplay is neither better nor worse than inFamous 1. The characters seem just a little less gritty and mature than the first as well, but not in a distasteful way. You can really feel them grow over the course of the narrative, which is what made the first so desirable anyway. That's pretty much what I love about Chronicle - that people having these powers is fiction, but the characters are so real and done so well that you're always left forgetting that.

Play it now. Even if you only play the evil side.

cpayne931841d ago

Gameplay is better in 2 but like people say story isn't as strong and in my opinion the art design isn't as good either.

xHeavYx1841d ago

InFamous 2 is amazing, one of my favorite games ever. Do you have PS+? You can get the game for free

Irishguy951840d ago

Plot - weaker than first
Setting - Imo Empire city was better than New orleans
Gameplay - Infamous 2 was better/

Take it as you will. The graphics were superior too although art style wise that is subjective.

I found Infamous 1 a little bit repetitive towards the end, while 2 brings in some very nice enemies(such as the ice hulk) and abilities to keep you entertained. The story was essentially an ending to Infamous 1 and nothing more.

gaffyh1840d ago

Blastoise put it perfectly. It is still a great game, but inFAMOUS 1 is better in terms of story.

KwietStorm1840d ago

It is on another level from the first Infamous. All the same improvements from Uncharted to Uncharted 2 are present.

M-M1840d ago

Only reason why I haven't played Infamous 2 is the some idiot spoiled BOTH endings in the N4G comments section -__-.

kenshiro1001840d ago

That really sucks Cooguy. That's why I stay away from N4G when the blockbuster games come out. There will always be an idiot who ruins the fun for everyone.

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CGI-Quality1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Uh, try it again.

OT: This is one of the PS4 games I most want! I'll actually pay attention to my GI magazine this month! :P

xhi41841d ago


Second Son is one of my most wanted games, can't believe it's a LAUNCH title along with Killzone, Watch Dogs, Drive Club and I'm sure a whole lot more!

PS4 Day 1 baby!

Root1840d ago

So the good ending is cannon?

So how is it that conduits are still around, it's made very clear in inFAMOUS 2 that the effects of the RFI would kill all conduits around the planet and even if some survived it wouldn't be that many to create something as serious in the Government as the "Department of Unified Protection".

I really hope the reason this has a subtitle is because they want to explore other characters. I know they said Coles story is finished but I still think he'll come back, I mean come on, it would be amazing if in the end of this game Cole returns to set up inFAMOUS 3.

I just thought if they were going to do more characters they could set it in other cities during the events of inFAMOUS 2.

They placed that Lightning bolt in the good ending for a reason, I still think they could bring Cole back. He's a well known established character now, it would be a waste to kill him off now.

Making Cole wake up in the end to a new changed world with many still believing that he's a threat would be a great way to set up inFAMOUS 3.

Christopher1840d ago

There could be more spheres. Remember the first game and who the bad guy was. The door is wide open to how it could still exist.

abc12331840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I'd say the evil ending could be canon and still be in line with the end of "cole's" story since technically he's the Beast now. It would make more sense than the good ending being canon.

braydox211840d ago

that ending killed all living conduits, its possible that the conduit gene could come back and have mutated, after infamous 2 would be reason enough, the government wasn't really involved in the stories at all they don't know whats going on at all. leading to our most favourite government to make stupid descisions out of fear. im guessing that in this story will be very similer to X-men, i do hope that we are able to get multiple powers, last time you could get ice or fire/oil varients of your lightening powers. i would like to see each sort of powers fleshed out, smoke seems pretty cool im thinking that his powers will be able to evolve from smokey embers to full blazing infernoes,hopefully he will somehow get a chance to get a whole lot of powers other than that.

this game is also very much more alike to the Prototype games in terms of setting.

MYSTERIO3601840d ago

I really hope you'll able to customize your character look in this one. Looks great though

Root1840d ago

I hope you can aswell since this new guys character design looks awful

He looks like New Dante 2.0....with a beanie

showtimefolks1840d ago

Sucker punch are so underrated even though they make excellent games with huge amount of polish and that's saying something because that's a very small development team

Infamous is one of my favorite series on ps3, so it's gonna b quite hard not to buy ps4 at launch so Sony you have one sale. I was planning on waiting 6 months but I want infamous and Killzone online modes so ably I won't be able to resist

Killzone 2 MP
And resistance 2-eight player co-op were my favorite 2 games to play online

Still till this day I feel like the reason resistance 3 failed was because insomniac removed me of the mat played online made

Anyway can't way till E3. Over he last few ears Sony has started to show a lot of its games before E3 and than show actual gameplay at E3 with few surprises

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ShugaCane1841d ago

30 pages, guys ! I guess we're going to be more than satisfied with information. Second Son is difinitely one of the next-gen games I'm most looking forward to. Can't wait to learn more about it.

Alcohog1840d ago

10 pages specifically for Second Son.

ApolloTheBoss1841d ago

Hell yeah. Can't wait for the details!

WeAreLegion1841d ago

I hate Game Informer, but I'm picking this up.

braydox211840d ago

why do you hate game informer?