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Submitted by Prcko 1008d ago | news

Game Informer June Cover Revealed: Infamous Second Son

This holiday will mark the release of the Playstation 4, and gamers can't wait to learn more about Sony's jump to the next generation. One of the biggest games announced for the PS4 is Sucker Punch's Infamous Second Son, which has the starring role in our massive 30-page PlayStation 4 cover story. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4, Sucker Punch)

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MaideninBlack  +   1008d ago
Page error: "The resource you requested does not exist."
Prcko  +   1008d ago
Infamous BABY!!!
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-Alpha  +   1008d ago
Here it is

There's also a video in the link if you can embed that
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Abash  +   1008d ago
I cant wait to play as Delsin and see how his story plays out, I know Sucker Punch is going to blow us away with this new new chapter in the series
N4OGs  +   1008d ago
this is gonna be one hell of a game. eat your heart out iron man! second son is some extremis stuff baby!! and if you cant take the heat stay the heck out the kitchen. because where there is smoke theres fire!!!!

all aboard the charCOLE TRAIN
majiebeast  +   1008d ago
There is also this tiny bit of news at the end of the article

"Also watch throughout the day as we reveal three new PlayStation indie games."
thechosenone  +   1008d ago
particle & volumetric effects look beautiful in this game. wow!
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miyamoto  +   1008d ago

My Goodness!
The Second Coming is almost here!

Troy Baker voice I presume?
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soonic7  +   1008d ago
I still think that infamous 1 had the most minblowing twist i have seen in a game (yes, i played bioshock, i still prefer this twist). I mean (spoiler alert) the one who was behind the explosion, murdered your girlfriend, turned your best fried against you and the leader of the first sons is no one but you(i mean Cole of course).
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1008d ago
"Infamous BABY!!!"

That is what they said when i was born!
Eyeco  +   1008d ago
I like the Infamous games but I really wished they explored the RPG aspect of the series , so it played more like an action rpg like Baldur's Gate, that and really wish there were more moral choices kinda like in Fallout 3.
nolander64  +   1008d ago
In all honesty, InFamous 2 has one of the best stories I've ever played in a video game. The evil ending left me in tears... manly tears, that is.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1008d ago
Was inFamous 2 a good game? I played all the way through inFamous twice (once good, once bad) but for one reason or another I never took the time to try inFamous 2.
matrixman92  +   1008d ago
when I started Infamous 2, I though it was a huge step down from 1. But after I got a little bit further into 2, I really started liking it.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1008d ago
It was ok, IMO. I personally liked Infamous 1 more since it had a stronger plot. But the gameplay improved dramatically and I'd say it's definitely worth a try.
Blastoise  +   1008d ago
Gameplay is much better, but the story isn't as strong. Still great though
yesmynameissumo  +   1008d ago
I thought it was fantastic.
maniacmayhem  +   1008d ago
If you like inFamous 1 then you'll like part 2. The changes are very minimal and you pretty much do the same thing you did in part 1.

But it was still a fun game to play.
Conzul  +   1008d ago
Dude it's free for PS+, and the evil-side ending is one of the most emotional and intense endings I've ever seen in any game, ever. The good ending is good too, but not as strong as the evil one.

Gameplay is neither better nor worse than inFamous 1. The characters seem just a little less gritty and mature than the first as well, but not in a distasteful way. You can really feel them grow over the course of the narrative, which is what made the first so desirable anyway. That's pretty much what I love about Chronicle - that people having these powers is fiction, but the characters are so real and done so well that you're always left forgetting that.

Play it now. Even if you only play the evil side.
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cpayne93  +   1008d ago
Gameplay is better in 2 but like people say story isn't as strong and in my opinion the art design isn't as good either.
xHeavYx  +   1008d ago
InFamous 2 is amazing, one of my favorite games ever. Do you have PS+? You can get the game for free
Irishguy95  +   1008d ago
Plot - weaker than first
Setting - Imo Empire city was better than New orleans
Gameplay - Infamous 2 was better/

Take it as you will. The graphics were superior too although art style wise that is subjective.

I found Infamous 1 a little bit repetitive towards the end, while 2 brings in some very nice enemies(such as the ice hulk) and abilities to keep you entertained. The story was essentially an ending to Infamous 1 and nothing more.
gaffyh  +   1008d ago
Blastoise put it perfectly. It is still a great game, but inFAMOUS 1 is better in terms of story.
KwietStorm  +   1008d ago
It is on another level from the first Infamous. All the same improvements from Uncharted to Uncharted 2 are present.
M-M  +   1008d ago
Only reason why I haven't played Infamous 2 is the some idiot spoiled BOTH endings in the N4G comments section -__-.
kenshiro100  +   1007d ago
That really sucks Cooguy. That's why I stay away from N4G when the blockbuster games come out. There will always be an idiot who ruins the fun for everyone.
CGI-Quality  +   1008d ago
Uh, try it again.

OT: This is one of the PS4 games I most want! I'll actually pay attention to my GI magazine this month! :P
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xhi4  +   1008d ago

Second Son is one of my most wanted games, can't believe it's a LAUNCH title along with Killzone, Watch Dogs, Drive Club and I'm sure a whole lot more!

PS4 Day 1 baby!
Root  +   1008d ago
So the good ending is cannon?

So how is it that conduits are still around, it's made very clear in inFAMOUS 2 that the effects of the RFI would kill all conduits around the planet and even if some survived it wouldn't be that many to create something as serious in the Government as the "Department of Unified Protection".

I really hope the reason this has a subtitle is because they want to explore other characters. I know they said Coles story is finished but I still think he'll come back, I mean come on, it would be amazing if in the end of this game Cole returns to set up inFAMOUS 3.

I just thought if they were going to do more characters they could set it in other cities during the events of inFAMOUS 2.

They placed that Lightning bolt in the good ending for a reason, I still think they could bring Cole back. He's a well known established character now, it would be a waste to kill him off now.

Making Cole wake up in the end to a new changed world with many still believing that he's a threat would be a great way to set up inFAMOUS 3.
Christopher  +   1008d ago
There could be more spheres. Remember the first game and who the bad guy was. The door is wide open to how it could still exist.
abc1233  +   1008d ago
I'd say the evil ending could be canon and still be in line with the end of "cole's" story since technically he's the Beast now. It would make more sense than the good ending being canon.
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braydox21  +   1008d ago
that ending killed all living conduits, its possible that the conduit gene could come back and have mutated, after infamous 2 would be reason enough, the government wasn't really involved in the stories at all they don't know whats going on at all. leading to our most favourite government to make stupid descisions out of fear. im guessing that in this story will be very similer to X-men, i do hope that we are able to get multiple powers, last time you could get ice or fire/oil varients of your lightening powers. i would like to see each sort of powers fleshed out, smoke seems pretty cool im thinking that his powers will be able to evolve from smokey embers to full blazing infernoes,hopefully he will somehow get a chance to get a whole lot of powers other than that.

this game is also very much more alike to the Prototype games in terms of setting.
MYSTERIO360  +   1008d ago
I really hope you'll able to customize your character look in this one. Looks great though
Root  +   1008d ago
I hope you can aswell since this new guys character design looks awful

He looks like New Dante 2.0....with a beanie
showtimefolks  +   1008d ago
Sucker punch are so underrated even though they make excellent games with huge amount of polish and that's saying something because that's a very small development team

Infamous is one of my favorite series on ps3, so it's gonna b quite hard not to buy ps4 at launch so Sony you have one sale. I was planning on waiting 6 months but I want infamous and Killzone online modes so ably I won't be able to resist

Killzone 2 MP
And resistance 2-eight player co-op were my favorite 2 games to play online

Still till this day I feel like the reason resistance 3 failed was because insomniac removed me of the mat played online made

Anyway can't way till E3. Over he last few ears Sony has started to show a lot of its games before E3 and than show actual gameplay at E3 with few surprises
ShugaCane  +   1008d ago
30 pages, guys ! I guess we're going to be more than satisfied with information. Second Son is difinitely one of the next-gen games I'm most looking forward to. Can't wait to learn more about it.
Alcohog  +   1008d ago
10 pages specifically for Second Son.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1008d ago
Hell yeah. Can't wait for the details!
WeAreLegion  +   1008d ago
I hate Game Informer, but I'm picking this up.
braydox21  +   1008d ago
why do you hate game informer?
Root  +   1008d ago
I love inFAMOUS...I really do but...

It's bigger "NEWS" then GTA4...something which hadn't been announced compared to something already announced.

Not really feeling the big hype over the reveal...and I mean the reveal not the game
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izumo_lee  +   1008d ago
I think Gameinformer means what is bigger than bout a ton of news about a new console.

Of course it will probably be stuff we already know that has been released since the PS4 announcement since Sony has been releasing info about it a lot.

On the other hand this issue may actually include new material that has yet to be announced or even more insight on what to expect during the weeks leading up to E3. It is at least worth checking out.
JackVagina  +   1008d ago
That title was missleading(Welcome to N4G)

They meant that it will be the most coverage of a game since their GTA IV coverage.
Conzul  +   1008d ago
Sorry, hit disagree by mistake.
My dyslexia changed "coverage" to "average"
matrixman92  +   1008d ago
this is "biggest reveal since GTA4"? lol no
Lucreto  +   1008d ago
I think a reveal of 3 games on a new console that we only have trailers on with no screenshots counts as a big reveal.

Also 3 indie games will be announced over the evening from them.
#7.1 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   1008d ago
while it is cool reveal I don't consider this a big reveal... we already know about this game so no...not a "big" reveal and not nearly on the level of GTA V. Sorry...its just not.

@Lucreto... As I have learned a bit more the reveal isn't just Infamous...and now it makes much more sense why they called it a big reveal.
#7.1.1 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report
Lucreto  +   1008d ago

They never said it was going to be a new title. First screenshots and new information on what could be the launch titles of the PS4 is huge.
majiebeast  +   1008d ago
They mean the most pages dedicated since GTA IV. GTA VI was 20 pages this PS4 extravaganza is 30.

-With info about Media Molecule's next game.
-Sony's new indie agenda.
-Driveclub info
-Killzone:SF info
-Infamous:SS info
-Dualshock 4 hands on
-Knack info
-Destiny info
-Shuhei Yoshida interview

Start reading the article.
#7.2 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   1008d ago
Now that reasoning I can understand.
GraveLord  +   1008d ago
Biggest Game Informer Issue, as in the number of pages. It's a PS4 issue so you're not interested.
matrixman92  +   1008d ago
your way of thinking is the reason why I hate n4g sometimes...I even recommended to someone to keep playing infamous 2 because I liked it earlier up in the comments. If anyone thinks something related to Sony isnt god tier status, they automatically hate playstation or dont own a playstation right? so dumb

I didnt know they meant number of pages, because the horrible wording of their announcement of this.
#7.3.1 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report
Monkeycan8  +   1008d ago
They mean as in it will have the most pages since GTA 4's story in Game informer.
mrmancs  +   1008d ago
O...m...g :-)
Double_Oh_Snap  +   1008d ago
Give me dat info now!
IIZANGETSUII  +   1008d ago
Is this "Game Informer Teases Cover Story, 'Biggest Since GTA IV'"? Oh man i was excpecting something else and NEW not this crap that was already announced.
#10 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
Lucreto  +   1008d ago
They never said it was going to be a new title. We know nothing about these games. All we got was a trailer. To me it was a big reveal.
MilkMan  +   1008d ago
Looks good. I'll add it to my buy list..As long as there is not MP in it.
supraking951  +   1008d ago
Infamous 2 was better than the first. Stronger supporting characters with good stories and improved mechanics.
Silly gameAr  +   1008d ago
Wonder what other powers you get from other conduits that compliment smoke? I'm thinking fire or wind based, I wouldn't mind a power that has nothing to do with elements. I want to see something a bit different like summoning monsters out of thin air or making enemies have crazy hallucinations.
despair  +   1008d ago
Well they showed fire in the reveal where he "conjured" a fireball. But I think they can do dozens of abilities to compliment it if they wanted.
joeorc  +   1008d ago
well if you look at what Cole was able to do
since Cole could do thing's that are based on the electron for example:

cole is able to do effect's like

[peltier's cross]

Delsin's is it seem's based on thermal. well thing's that can be tied to thermal, smoke of course, fire, How about :

in cases where some of thermal energy is stored in atomic vibration!

another example would be for instance:

thermal equilibrium

CaptainSheep  +   1008d ago
This is my MOST anticipated next gen game. I am a HUGE fan of inFAMOUS.
This is really exciting! Can't wait for the release.
despair  +   1008d ago
maniacmayhem  +   1008d ago
Is this the game that will be bigger than GTA V? I love inFamous just like the next guy but bigger than GTA?
thaimasker  +   1008d ago
Infamous will only have 10 pages, GTA IV had 20. They are adding the PS4 features along with other games such as killzome,driveclub,etc an interview and a look at the PS4 to make it 30 pages.

@Tinezedw...Because I read the entire article
#16.1 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tinezedw  +   1008d ago
How do you know that? Then again I wouldn't mind if u were right.
Sandmano  +   1008d ago
Ohh SNAP!!! Didnt see that coming!
Prcko  +   1008d ago
da y1!
PlayBox360   1008d ago | Spam
THE-COMMANDER  +   1008d ago
OMG Yes!!!!
This made my day!
grailly  +   1008d ago
I really want to purchase this issue, but I'm in europe and can only access digital subscriptions, is it possible to only get one issue? or do I have to get a 12 month subscription?
also, did I read properly? this will be available later today? can't wait
xhi4  +   1008d ago
Same here, anyone know if you can get individual issue or you have to subscribe to digital?

Because in the app it shows the second son cover on the digital subscriber but doesn't show a single issue yet?
mayberry  +   1008d ago
I think you can get individual copies at the store.
extermin8or  +   1008d ago
yeah I want to just get a single issue too :(
Salooh  +   1008d ago
I can't buy these stuff so i watch them online for free. lol.
extermin8or  +   1008d ago
knew it had to be something sony after all they said they were revealing several games this week :)
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1008d ago
0:59 some in-game ?! :)

and yes, this is bigger than GTA V. for me. love inFamous.
this and Watch Dogs are must buy for PS4.

this news made my day.
I wanted to know more about the game and now I will.
and we will probably hear more about Killzone SF.
says on the cover. sweet
#23 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
leahcim  +   1008d ago
cheers for the fu´in awesome son of Cole!!!

ahhhhh cannot wait longerrrrrrr grrrr
jay2  +   1008d ago
cant wait!
smashcrashbash  +   1008d ago
And Cole says 'Delsin, I AM your father'.
DivineAssault  +   1008d ago
PS4 is going to be epic! easy to dev for hardware, powerful hardware, new controller, & great 1st party dev teams.. If they did what they did w PS3, what they do w PS4 will be incredible! Nx gen war will b very interesting to see how it all plays out.. Nintendo & Microsoft have their hands full w this bad boy!

I bet 2nd son is going to score 9z right out the gate as a launch title.. Along with most of the other PS4 launch titles from 1st & 3rd parties..

Your move microsoft.. Wii U got owned already imo.. (by current gen too)
#27 (Edited 1008d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ck1x  +   1008d ago
This is the only game that has me interested in PS4 so far...
But surely you are selling Microsoft and Nintendo's software short if you believe that what Sony has shown so far is so impressive! They did an excellent job this time around in making easy to develop for hardware, but so far Infamous SS is the only game that makes me even close to buying a PS4.
DivineAssault  +   1008d ago
YOU buddy.. Only you.. Theres millions of others that see more to PS4 than just easier to dev for hardware & this game..
josephayal  +   1008d ago
i want
Arai  +   1008d ago
Some details was posted by Gaming Everything:

- Conduits now referred to as bioterrorists
- New area of government keeps track of the conduits: Department of Unified Protection
- Condits have been identified, holding them without trial in containment facilities
- Department of Unified Protection shows its power during an operation that doesn’t go as planned in Seattle
- Transport vehicle crashes and the conduits escape
- DUP sets up roadblocks and won’t let anyone enter/leave
- Condits have been identified, holding them without trial in containment facilities
- Department of Unified Protection shows its power during an operation that doesn’t go as planned in Seattle
- Transport vehicle crashes and the conduits escape
- DUP sets up roadblocks and won’t let anyone enter/leave
- Lots of security systems are sent out and Seattle is turned into something reminisint of an airport
- There are elevated walkways with search-lights and security cameras as well as checkpoints and scanners
- Game has parallels to post-9/11 America setting
- Security vs. freedom theme
- DUP is like the TSA

DUP guards

- DUP guards feature behavior similar to that of SWAT teams/trained military police
- Others have a seemingly supernatural ability to shield themselves and move around quickly
- Sucker Punch won’t elaborate on this further


- Stars 24-year-old Native American Delsin Rowe
- Delsin is the artistic type with a chip on his soldier
- Fan of anti-authoritarian street art
- Likes tagging buildings with his own art
- Very much an average guy until the conduit-transport vehicle crashes
- Delsin tries to help those in the wreck, and learns that he’s been a conduit all along with dragging an injured conduit from the area
- Soon realizes that he can control smoke
- Natural power lets him absorb other conduits’ power
- Can use more than smoke power
- Delsin is excited about his power unlike Cole


- Delsin can take down different forward-operating bases run by the DUP around Seattle
- Can get through these areas with force, but eliminating security systems is more effective
- Smoke projectile at Delsin’s disposal
- Also can perform a smoke-dash maneuver somewhat like Nightcrawler
- Air ducts found all across Seattle
- Can use the ducts to get around or climb like Cole
- Another technique lets Delsin throw smoking fireballs
- When Delsin descends, he can perform a “move” like Cole’s thunder drop
- Forests act as the edge of the game world
- Another move: smoke cloud; immobilize enemies
- Can restock on smoke from chimneys, destroyed cars, and even tear gas canister
- Can also use Delsin’s chain as an alternative weapon
- Absorb smoke by pressing both thumbs down on the touchpad
- Touchpad can also be used to free conduits in cells
- Team wants to simply the controls; inFamous 2 actions required multiple button presses
- One moment of the demo lets players make a decision about killing a DUP officer or not
- Can switch between entire sets of power that complement each other


- Sucker Punch recreated the city’s feel instead of specific road layout
r21  +   1008d ago
Air ducts across Seattle...can we enter buildings now?!
lyvon  +   1008d ago
Excited for Second Son, can't wait to learn more about the game and see the screens.

But on a side note it is pretty clear that very few people actually READ articles that are posted on this site.

Funny yet sad at the same time.
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