Beyond: Two Souls Release Date Leaked By Retailers

NowGamer: With the Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition news, retailers in the UK and US have also listed release dates for the PS3 title.

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TimmyShire1897d ago

Confusing, but I reckon it'll be the 8th worldwide - even in the UK

Brien1897d ago

Pretty sure they announced the release date (at least the official US date) two weeks ago. Not sure this classifies as a "leak"...

showtimefolks1896d ago

Yeh I thought their last trailer had a release date so not much of a leak

Also Sony annuncd a limited edition so can't wait to get this game

abzdine1896d ago

lol Sony have confirmed it long time ago. October 8th so please stop confusing people

rajman1896d ago

For the US yes, there are other continents in this world....they didnt announce a release for the UK, and this article has a link to a major UK retailer confirming the release date is the same as the US.

abzdine1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

i agree but sorry no matter where you are living this article doesn't help with anything and confuses everybody.

"Beyond: Two Souls Release Date Is October"
Wow really? Kindergarden kids know that October isn't a date it's a month so writing an article to give the release month of Beyond sorry but it's called misinformation.

There is nothing wrong i said in my first post, if it's releasing on October 8th in NA then 100% chances it's releasing in October other places.

rajman1896d ago

We all know its releasing worldwide in October, but apart from the US we had no ideas on what exact date it would be released in other countries. If you bothered to check the link in the article (to the UK retailer Sainsburys) it states the game is also coming out on October 8th in the UK....something that we did not know previously.

Sensu1896d ago

It's gonna be october 9th in the Netherlands, according to an official statement to a local retailer. So not worldwide, but still closer together than usual.

KillrateOmega1896d ago

I thought their last trailer already confirmed the release date...

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