Top 5 EA Star Wars Games We Want To See

"It was recently announced that EA has made a deal for a “multiyear exclusive” on the Star Wars license. It’s a guarantee that we’re going to be seeing more Star Wars games and from some of EA’s biggest development studios. No games have been announced yet, but here’s a selection of what we here at CalmDownTom would like to see them make…" Says CalmDownTom

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tigertron1901d ago

Battlefront 3
Republic Commando 2
Rogue Squadron 4
The Force Unleashed 3

Pintheshadows1901d ago

A new Jedi Knight game would be welcome.

SouthClaw1901d ago

Funny how nobody has spoken about first assault. That was practically done. That looked really good. I hope with this new deal they can release it.

jay21901d ago

1313, bf3, the movies.

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