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The Force is strong with EA, honestly


After EA acquired the rights for the Star Wars franchise last night I’ve seen a lot of negative feedback from ‘non-EA’ supporters who don’t realise the studios that EA actually own. I can be somewhat cynical when it comes to EA, but I can’t help to be excited by them taking the rights from Disney to produce Star Wars titles for core gamers in the future. (Disney, EA, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Star Wars, Xbox 360)

Menashe  +   789d ago
I'm not happy with the cancellations that Disney has done, but I won't be blind and say EA never makes good games. They do, and they have some good studios under their belt. So, let's hope they do justice towards Star Wars.
limewax  +   789d ago
Well, I don't necessarily have the greatest amount of trust in EA, but I'm just glad to see somebody pick the IP's up.

I should think that to a lot of publishers the IP's look pretty high risk considering most of the games included have suffered cancellations.
Kran  +   789d ago
By IP's, you mean things like Battlefront 3 and 1313? Because they never announced that those IP's were still going to be made. They just said EA gets Star Wars.

If EA has any heart though, they'd bring them back from the dead.
limewax  +   789d ago
That's a good point actually, but I would expect them to continue at least one. Surely the previously created assets will be given to EA, so I'd place bets that they won't throw all of it away.

That said I'm pretty sure they also have their own ideas of what to do with the franchise too
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r1sh12  +   789d ago
Ill keep my hopes up, but at they will be reserved till I see proof..
Does anyone remember The old republic?
They had to make it free to play, and its only just made profit.

Its a good thing someone has picked up the IPs, I just hope things like KOTOR 3, 1313 etc.. are made.
The majority of the ground work has been done for those games..
KOTOR 3 had the art work, characters, story and locations done, 1313 was similar too.

I just hope we get something good.
Pintheshadows  +   789d ago
I hope they somehow revive 1313.
Menashe  +   789d ago
Why would they ever cancel it? It had become pretty well-known already.
Pintheshadows  +   789d ago
I found the logic behind Disney's cancellation bizarre.
aliengmr  +   789d ago
Well known maybe, but no where close to being complete.

They built that E3 demo specifically for E3 and rumor has it, didn't have a next gen dev kit.

My guess is 1313 was more a prototype than an actual game and was shown much earlier than intended, probably due to the sale to Disney.

Disney seems to be shifting focus away from the prequel era to the New Republic era. If that's true, 1313 could easily be revived and take place during the Coruscant uprising, which would be much better IMO.

The NR era has been pretty much untouched by all other media, aside from novels. Frankly, if that's what is going on, it's a change long overdue.
GalacticEmpire  +   789d ago
I see rushed movie tie-ins...

"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen"
Nerdypie  +   789d ago
Patience you must have, my young padawan.
Nodoze  +   789d ago
EA....EA??? Seriously this is a disaster. I would much rather have seen someone like Ubisoft pickup the licensing.

Get ready for more Star Wars Kinect like crap!
_-EDMIX-_  +   789d ago
yewles1  +   789d ago
"The Force is strong with EA, honestly"

Thus, I retain a position northwind of them...
Jek_Porkins  +   789d ago
The thing is, I want Star Wars Battlefront 3, I got started with clan based gaming with the Battlefront series. I don't want a cheap Battlefront 3 game that looks like all the other games on Frostbite Engine, that non colorful look and teal text, that just doesn't appeal to me when I think of Battlefront 3.

Also, Battlefront 3 should be a third person shooter, not a first person shooter.
Darrius Cole  +   789d ago
Well, I guess it had to go somewhere and Kojima-san can't do everything so....

On the bright side, the author was right when he said that LucasArts wasn't exactly making great games. I agree with that. EA does at least give us proper sequels to their most popular games. LucasArts always, tried to milk successful games by giving us half-assed and shoestring budget sequels. LucasArts wasn't willing to spend the necessary time on KOTOR 2, nor did they even come back and finish Republic Commando.

If EA gets Bioware to do KOTOR, a proper KOTOR 3 at the same quality that they did Mass Effect then that would be a blockbuster and a guaranteed classic....as long as they leave the ghost kid/star child out of it. lol, lol, lol.......but really, leave him out of it.
cyguration  +   789d ago
Most of the people who made the original KOTOR as good as it was is no longer there.

The current BioWare is like the current Infinity Ward.

Expect KOTOR 3 to be on par to Modern Warfare 3.
Pillsbury1  +   789d ago
Another franchise they can run into the ground and cash in on and release worthless dlc for.
Roper316  +   789d ago
good for the SW fans, I haven't bought a SW game since the Sega 32X was out.
LoveOfTheGame  +   789d ago
I know the studios EA has under its belt and I'm pretty sure they bought most of them. Someone remind me, when did those studios start to go downhill? What altering event did they undergo to start this slide? Oh yea, EA bought them.

And don't give the fact that Bioware made the first KOTOR, most those people aren't there anymore and it wasn't under EA. We have already seen what happened with Bioware, EA, and Star Wars: a mess of what KOTOR 3 should have been.
Flatbattery  +   789d ago
Whilst I agree EA have some exceptional developers on their books that are able to do some spectacular things with the Star Wars franchise, I can't help feeling that it'll all be ruined by the interference that EA can't refrain from.
MWong  +   789d ago
Bioware will probably do 1313 or a game similar to it.

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