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Shack News: "It's not difficult to see why Capcom picked up Dontnod Entertainment's Remember Me. It's a stylish brawler, with an interesting combo-building mechanic set in a fascinating futuristic world. The game takes full advantage of its memory-based narrative, offering interesting ways of interacting with people's memories. Yet, in spite of all the incredible things Remember Me does, it fails to execute on the fundamental gameplay mechanics. In short, it may look like a Capcom game--but it certainly doesn't play like one."

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xhi41925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Really excited for this game! It's not getting a whole lot of attention though and I'm afraid it may get overshadowed by E3 with it's release date.

June's going to be an AMAZING month.

The Last of Us
Man of Steel
Remember Me
And E3!!!

jagstar441925d ago

Really hope it sells well, but there doesn't seem to be much buzz around the game, it's sad because it looks really fresh and awesome.

fracturedrich1925d ago

I agree with hhi4 The last of us is bring the house down on june and ime wishing man of steel and remember me are going to be good, the latter being out around the time of my birthday would be great if that was good