New Magic 2014 Features – The Return of Slivers and Sealed Play

A new handful of features for Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalker 2014 have arisen like the top card of a deck. These new additions will definitely make this critically acclaimed card battle series even more unique from its predecessors, and perhaps even the most rewarding.

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TheUndertaker851897d ago

And people complain about a Call of Duty title coming out every year...

Most of these games should've just been expansions.

ApexHell1897d ago

ye but at least these games are only $10 with a $5 expansion and 3 deck packs at $2 a pop 4 months after release not $60 release with a $50 season pass to buy $60 worth of maps :P

TheUndertaker851897d ago

I suppose you're right.

I mean its not as if Call of Duty has a new story every year too and the DLC you're referring to being mostly new content with certain returning content being free or anything. Plus it's not as if you wouldn't be able to put 100+ hours into CoD if you so wished since its got an always active multiplayer community.

But hey. We can play the same card game we've had for the past few years now with these little additions then turn around to buy the same DLC we bought for previous titles. Then we can go dual our digital cards exactly the same way we have for the past few years and think to ourselves, "Oooo, it's MAGIC!"

Nice logic. Gotta get on that CoD hate bandwagon though, huh.

bakagaijin781897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Yeah, its not like these yearly MTG games are priced like a full retail COD game. They're usually pretty cheap. I personally like a fresh installment each year of this game. But hey, that's just me.