WorthPlaying: Lost: Via Domus Review

For gamers who don't watch "Lost," the experience in Via Domus is something similar to what you might feel if you turned up at someone else's high school reunion where everyone else knows each other and keeps laughing at all the inside jokes about polar bears that you just don't get. Via Domus is crafted almost exclusively and unapologetically for the fans who are treated to some unique moments, such as being able to explore Oceanic 815's mangled cockpit or getting to actually enter the numbers and push the button on the antique computer at the Swan station.

Because it's over almost as soon as it starts, there's no way of justifying the console version's $60 price tag. If you have the choice, check that you're really a huge fan of the show by reciting Hurley's winning lottery numbers, and then either play Via Domus on a PC or rent it.

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jinn3924d ago

definitely not worthplaying