30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 6: Most Annoying Character

Bracken Lee-Rudolph from ITF Gaming writes: Annoying characters – the bane of your single player gaming existence. These characters make you want to tear out your hair, lob your controller, or simply push them off a bridge. More often than not these characters are NPCs, like the Everybody’s Golf Caddy that Darryl wanted to bludgeon with a golf club, but a painful protagonist is not unheard of. Thankfully, irritating protagonists are not overly common, as they often detract from a title, but there are some characters that just deserve to be thrown off a bridge – a fate that befell many a Dragon’s Dogma pawn in my Arisen’s world. Below you’ll find the picks of our writers on which characters they wanted to skin, beat down or toss of a building.

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