Rumor:Sony's Big E3 Announcement Revealed writes-"Hello there little orcs, trolls and humans how is your day at the land of Azeroth? Do you feel like adding a little flavor to your life, Don't fear Sony's here, with three brand new online experiences that are bound to change your living existence."

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cellypower3923d ago

Somebodys jacking gameblows blog again.

decapitator3923d ago

More Like BS 101. Gameguru = Meh.

Am sure whatever Sony have to announce will be great but lets wait for something more concrete.

sonarus3923d ago

funny thing is gamesblow says it if you try to post it, it will get reported and not approved. 2 days later ps3 informer or some other random site picks it up and it does. if surfer girl jacked gamesblow it would still get approved.

Breakfast3923d ago

gamesblow could predict the second coming of jesus, and be right... and i still wont go to his blog

-EvoAnubis-3923d ago

Agreed. Gamesblow . . . I don't know how he does it, but the man know his ish.

Tempist3923d ago

I like how there's actually not that much information said in there.

sonarus3923d ago

lol @breakfast. No one asks you to go to his blog. But it his lame for sites to take his rumors post them on their sites and gets accepted but when it is straight from the horse's mouth it isn't?

regardless not much info here.

Iamback3923d ago

This is ridiculous, once again info from GAMESBLOW blog gets stolen and they present it as theirs, like "we have our insider". BS!
GamesBLOW wrote about zombie MMO and Tears of Blood like 6 or more months ago, no one listened. Like someone said. He could predict second coming of Jesus Christ and nothing would change on this site.

Yesterday he posted some new names about 5 MMO, check it out, i dont want to copy/paste his info, it sounds great, check it out, you wont regret it.

xsteinbachx3923d ago

To bad he's never posting in here again, but I'm quite a firm believer in Gamesblow.

games4fun3923d ago

you are completely right its really ridiculous how he is not getting any props but somehow gameguru is fine with the stupid "name drops" thing but someone posts the exact same thing only in easy to read form and is the original

Armyless3923d ago

Never one without the other...

LJWooly3923d ago

Of course nothing on this site would change if Gamesblow predicted the second coming of Jesus, that has nothing to do with gaming!

Lamback, you just love gamesblow, don't you?

godofthunder103923d ago

i'm posting this article about jadenkorri.i never would be doing this if he wouldn't be posting our privatly sent messages all over ng4 and he's only trying to make his self look good and he's the one that started it all.the first time i heard from him was when i wrote an article about the 360 and ps3 saying that they were both good systems.he turned around and posted an article saying that i was stupid and i must be from the U.S because i can't spell.well now he's posting only what he want to post to make his self look good but he's not posting the bad stuff he said so here's one that he sent me saying how proud he was of his country because they burnrd down the white house years.i'll admit that i cut his country down but that's after he started with the U.S here's his email to me bragging about how his country burned down the white house years ago.

1 day 10 hours ago | By: jadenkorri | Block

so did u block me or it matters...u feel sorry for me...well same goes for you...sounds like your purposely following and reading my posts.....someone has a crush...btw I'm not into that sort of thing FYI....I give a point up for actually not swearing as much as the last one....You are however just degrading yourself by sending these msgs, and i have no problem posting them myself... lastly....I'm proud of my country, we are the only country in the world that has burned down the white house...that should give you an idea were I'm from and no i would not want to be an American, but i have nothing really against Americans with the exception of you...

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Kaz Hirai3923d ago

Unearthed was supposed to be revealed at E3!
These GIMPS have ruined the surprise!


GETPWNT3923d ago

Way to pretend you're not disappointed.

sephiroths_revenge3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )


you guys remind me of kefka

Phil Harrison Mk43923d ago

We have nothing to be disappointed about!!!
Whats disappointing is that you xBot Slaves are still breathing!!!
Not for long tho!!! (Sinking xFlop 360!!!) ;-D
Hope you choke on that banana!!! ;-D

Mycococo3923d ago

this stupid mmo wont take any of wows thunder. sounds dumb and i think kaz is going to fuk up games without phil harrison running the show. kaz is a fuking geeked out biatch that is going to put the go a head on games based around bad ideas.

mikeslemonade3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

PS3 will have a strong 2009 and 2010 too. The xbox 360 will have no games for 2009 and 2010. You blind bots will have to buy another system in 2010 anyway. You already spent $400 plus $50 xbl which is $650 in 5 3 years. Then in 2010 you have to spend another $400. Not only will you buy the next xbox but you will end up buying a PS3 in 2008 or 2009 as the 360 has no games.

Z F1GHT3RS3923d ago

i have got a real life to live not a droids life

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sak5003923d ago

What kind of mofo site is that with pop ups and what not.

Montrealien3923d ago


crap site with crap...rumor.

xsteinbachx3923d ago

i hate those bullshit pops which you close, and spawn more demons of hell.

solar3923d ago

firefox ftw! i got script blocker and popup blocker. damn websites.

N4M3L3553923d ago

Great minds think alike. Firefox & NoScript are the best, bubble for you my friend.

sak5003923d ago

@ solar thanks for the tip. I enabled script blocker in Avant browser and it stopped these popups.

solar3923d ago

thx N4M3L355,

and sak500, there is another extension called "download them all". its'll love it!

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Ariexv3923d ago

Come back when you guys actually get a decent MMO on your console..... a NCsoft game isn't worth a huge announcement. Thankfully the 360 has the true next-gen MMOs in Age of Conan and Warhammer Online coming to the console.

destroyah3923d ago

Age of Conan? Trash. Warhammer Online? Trash. Millions of 360's will RROD on the spot just trying to play those games that were meant to be on PC.

Superiorrior3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

You idiot Warhammer is multi-plat.

Anyway, PS3 supports MOUSE and keyboard, unlike the Xbox 360 which only supports keyboards, that adds to the list of screw ups, in theory Xbox would be a great way to support MMO's, but not having mouse compatibility is just stupid, good way to give the MMO crown to PS3 early.

iAmPS33923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

You TROLL think that a MMO can work on the 360?
I say It can't cause now and then the RROD will give you months out of the game and good luck with that.

And this is just Another stupid article that should not be approved, it has no plausible back up whatsoever, just another BOT making things up.

XBOX 3603923d ago

Come back when every 360 has standard HDD to even run an MMORPG.

NCSoft is a very good developer. I played GW for almost 4 years and bought all the expansions, etc.

heyheyhey3923d ago

more than 5 NCsoft MMO's (the same NCsoft who made the excellent Guild Wars), The Agency and now this

come back when your capable of NOT talking bullsh!t

Pain3923d ago

And what MMO is going to save breakBoxMountain 2? Warhammer is Multi and its Fan are In Europe
NOT America so u fail with that, and Why would anyone play a MMO on 360 when they have a beter
version on PS3 or Real XBOX er PC?

and lol Age Of Conan good luck with that one.

And befor u xbot's waste more of my Oxygen N-Soft makes Killer Online Games,
u just Hate cuz u dont get them :P

poor baby ask your Mom to buy you a PS3 its Cheap now. looking at you Banana Sucking Emo

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