PC vs console: Choose your weapon!

There is a massive, long-lasting debate over which is better, PC or console gaming. Let’s be honest up front, neither suck. Here are a few select reasons why both consoles and PCs are good to get your fix of virtual reality in your spare time.

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Ask1960d ago

I think the console vs pc argument is something that needs to be discuss for an aspect that is never given any kind of consideration. The new gamer. What they actually try to game on will actually define whether or not they get into the culture of playing games. Finding the right platform for you is VERY important and without knowing the ins and outs of both you could be doing yourself a huge disservice.

It may be common sense to everyone else which should suit which but a lot of people just don't get it. I've found a lot of my friends who get into gaming have done so by trying something they weren't prepared to play and have found it to be much more enjoyable than they thought it would be. This is especially true of those who go from consoles to PC games as they think them to be too fiddly or dull when compared to their console counterparts.

I don't want to start a flame war but I do think it's sensible to know the limitations and advantages of each platform from the perspective of a non-gamer. Because at the end of the day those who argue about "What's best" already know what works best for them.

DA_SHREDDER1960d ago

I would prefer to play all my games on the WiiU game pad. IDK who these people think they are telling me what I want and need?

reynod1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Well console gaming is expensive because every game costs more to begin with, then you need pay to to go online, the accessories like HDs can cost a ton since some consoles use proprietary parts.

However the real kicker is consoles have no BC. I bought over 150 games on Steam in the last 5 years. Even if i dont consider the discounts i got to purchase those games, my library is probably worth 6000-8000usd. If i was to buy those games on a console i wouldnt be able to play them on the next box. Hence these sort of losses make consoles unreasonably expensive.

Septic1959d ago

Choose my weapon? I choose to duel wield.

MikeMyers1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

If I only had one platform to choose it would be the PC. It's the best platform to sustain a never ending supply of games and can be scaled pending on investment. In theory I could play the latest Battlefield for example on a mid-priced system and have it toned down to run smoothly. Then in a year I could upgrade if I so choose and have a new experience with the highest settings. I can also play the original Grand Theft Auto or even older titles that are still being sold today.

The consoles have great exclusives, there's no doubt about it, but the PC will always have the largest library and the best hardware available with the most freedom and versatility.

trenso11959d ago

@reynod what are you on about? The only thing that was true for all consoles was the games, not all consoles require you to pay to play online only the 360 does that. Not all consoles have proprietary HD's the ps3 uses a sata drive that can be manually swapped out, i plan on switching mines soon on my fat model.

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Lior1960d ago

autoaim takes all the skill out of gaming period

LogicStomper1959d ago

As in aim-bots? Then most definitely yes.

1959d ago
1959d ago
Hellsvacancy1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Silly me, I thought the article was actually about m/k vs gamepads

Its not though, its just another "PC is better than consoles" bs article

Ask1960d ago

Sorry I read it and went off on a tangent - my bad! It is essentially that. I prefer gamepads personally for games that require dexterity of character movement but for an FPS game I much prefer a mouse. I can't hit anything otherwise.

Corpser1960d ago

Console games have aim assist, some games you can't even turn it off.

And some console gamers think Aim assist means auto snap on to enemies like the default in cod games (in campaign). That's not what it means, it means when you aim down the sight, the game helps you by "assisting" you target toward an enemy, all console games do this.

majiebeast1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Im the master race!

PC/PS3/Wii/Vita is the combo.

-Pc for multiplats and exclusive's.
-PS3 for exclusives and multiplatform games i dont like to play with a keyboard and mouse, like Assasins Creed(keyboard twister).
Wii for exclusives like Xenoblade.
Vita for indie's and portable console experience.

Oh_Yeah1959d ago

You do know you can use a ps3 or 360 controller to play games on pc right?


Yep, I use my ps3 controller on my PC all the time

starchild1959d ago

Assassasins Creed on PS3 sucks @ss. You can easily use a controller on pc.

Williamson1959d ago

Console for me...only because thats all that Ive gamed on in my life.

Kran1959d ago

That's a dumb statement.

I gamed on consoles most of my life and the transition to PC gaming is really easy. Too easy in fact.

trenso11959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

i disagree while i was transitioning to PC its not that easy, learning mouse and keyboard takes getting used especially playing the arma mods, also with going to PC it would be wise to learn all the technical details to so that you can build a better rig down the road. It certainly has some learning curve to it.

Williamson1959d ago

How is it dumb? Ive only played games on consoles since I can remember, I wasnt bashing pc gaming. I know games on pc look better,play better, and you can get mods for most games on it but im fine with consoles since thats where I can find sony&nintendo exclusives.

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