ShopTo refuses to sell upcoming Activision games in row over Call of Duty: Ghosts

UK online retailer ShopTo is refusing to sell Activision games following a row over Call of Duty: Ghosts, Eurogamer reveals.

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rajman1960d ago

Wow thats pretty dumb of Activision, I've used Shopto plenty of times and I always loved the fact they would send out a games a couple of days early, because it was guaranteed to arrive on release day and I got lucky a few times where it would arrive a day early.
Wanting online retailers to dispatch games only one day before release is dumb, theres a good chance it will not arrive on release date and so many would rather go into their local store and buy it.

majiebeast1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yeah nothing pisses me off as when a game doesnt arrive on release date. Had this happen with RDR and Starcraft 2. Just last week my order for Soul Sacrifice got placed in backorder, thank god for digital downloads.

Good for Shopto. This game will get leaked anyway and its because of the small game stores who dont get supervised as much. You can walk into a lot of these stores in my country and get games 4-5days before they are out.

shivvy241960d ago Show
HappyGaming1959d ago

They want to limit the number of people who get to play before the release date as much as possible and that is done by targeting the biggest retailers first.

I used to get my games early from them quite often until they lost my bank details in 2009 and someone started ordering things with my card.

Thankfully I spotted the problem in a forum quickly enough and my bank returned my money :/ But I was no longer impressed by their services.


I'm not disagreeing with you guys nor saying you are wrong but I don't see what's the big deal here.

I almost never get the game on the release date, unless it's releasing on the weekend, and even when I do I play the single player first (and I take my time to enjoy it, not just rush through it)... It never been a problem for me to be on day 2, week 2 or even a month late to the party.

I understand anticipation, but if you had been hyped for a game for months I don't see how one or two days longer a wait would make a difference.

rainslacker1960d ago

I'm not familiar with the UK postal system, but here in the US they do have timed delivery. The sender can say "Don't deliver before X date". It's used quite a bit with promotional type mailings. If they had something like this couldn't they send it out the week before and just say not to deliver before release day thus avoiding the reasons Activision is doing this.

I know it won't change this since they aren't allowed to mail it till that Monday, but it seems like a good way to do things if available.

monkey nuts1959d ago

Yes mate, I'm from the uk and even I know that. Its how marty mcfly finds out about doc being zapped to the old wild west in Back to the future 2 XD

Never underestimate peoples abilty to remember useless information.

rainslacker1959d ago

lol, I forgot all about that. Useless information is often the best IMO. Unless your on N4G of course.:D

ZodTheRipper1960d ago

Now that's keeping it real. They're passing on a lot of sales with that move but stay true to their customers, thumbs up for ShopTo.

iistuii1960d ago

I love Shopto because like you say, I get it at least a day early, but that's the problem. Activision doesn't want you to get it a day early. It would be easier if it was like steam, you can get it early, but the game won't play until release date.. I can see that happening on the next consoles, maybe that's another reason the devs want always online Xbox, it would stop all the early release issues.

3-4-51959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Why don't people just drive to the store and purchase it day 1 ?

I understand not everyone can but still if a game didn't show on time I would never order via online again....simple as that.

It seems like more work anyways.

take 5,10,20 min out of your day...go to game.

TekoIie1959d ago

Wow. This makes me feel bad for ShopTo. COD is always a big launch and brings in money for all and they're going to lose some buisness with this action.

Although their appreciation for customers will not go unnoticed. I'll defo pre-order all games that I want from them in future :)

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Neko_Mega1960d ago

Problem is, by doing this. They might lose customers because they can't get the new COD game. So it can hurt them big time or help them.

I see it hurting them more, because I would buy the game somewhere else if are Gamestop didn't get it.

mydyingparadiselost1959d ago

To be fair in the interview the Shopto guy did say the stores profitability on the game would be small to non existent because of the short amount of costly weekend time available to process orders.

pompombrum1960d ago

A very bold move by ShopTo and one of the reasons why they are my first choice for games. I can see why activision are doing it this way though, GAME probably spat out their dummies and cried that people are potentially getting the game a day early and stealing away from their crappy overpriced business.

caseh1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

No doubt GAME will be selling it for £49.99, enter the hoards of parents trading in 10 games to knock £15 off the price. Ironically making it the price it should be retailing for seeing as this will no doubt just be another cut n paste job with 'an all new kill/scorestreak system' oooo, exciting.

Heartnet1960d ago

Or release dates are their for a reason and Activision wants to keep their games released on them.

Terrible move by ShopTo they are a buissiness and just lost one of the biggest game movers out there.

LightningSamus1959d ago

Read the article, "Activision's policy of only allowing e-tailers to despatch one day before release date effectively destroys an e-tailer's pre-order campaign," ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta told Eurogamer, "as many deliveries inevitably arrive post-release date.

He also explains why he refuses to sell CoD, he says they have not made any profit on CoD.

ShopTo is only online, it has to rely on pre orders and send out games earlier, competition that has stores can have people walk in and buy the game, it doesn't have to rely on pre orders.

hiredhelp1960d ago

GO ShopTo Yup im on of them ShopTo gold now silver members. Fantastic service

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