What Do Achievements Mean To People?

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''For the last year or so I’ve not spent as much time on my 360 as I once did. There’s various reasons to why my 360 time has been cut, mostly to do with games on other systems. Back when I was more dedicated to the 360 I would spend a portion of time focused on the achievement side of things. earning gamer score was a pretty big part of my 360 experience, which I’m slightly ashamed to admit, but things have since changed.''

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RuleofOne343 1929d ago

I personally prefer a Score over mantel pieces, but that just me .

zeal0us1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Have too many gamescore points or trophies
OMG You're such a loser get a life. I bet you live in your mom's basement.

Have a very lower gamescore or trophies
Ha Ha you're such a noob, you suck.

There's no way you can win with either situation. At the end of the day gamescore/trophies really don't mean a thing.

ape0071929d ago

yeah it's always "im better than you"

InTheLab1929d ago

I love them both but trophies are more appealing to me. When you look at my trophies, You know exactly what I've done to get those 17 Platinums. I've fully completed 17 whole games.

Now, if you look at my GS, which is 19k, you don't know if I fully completed 19 games or got a few achievements here and there from 70 games.

Achievements are just an endless pool of numbers and need more structure.

Jek_Porkins1929d ago

Actually when you compare Gamerscore with someone, it lists the games they've gotten 100% on.

I prefer Gamerscore because that is what started it all on consoles, back in 2005 when the Xbox 360 launched, every single game supported them, Trophies are nice too, but you cant go back and play earlier games to earn some, where as you can with Xbox 360 games, I like Achievement hunting on earlier games quite a lot.

To me, I have a hard time playing games with no Achievements, it's why I don't buy third party games on the Wii or Wii U, I can only really justify the first party games.

Personally I like the idea more of getting 600 Gamerscore on a game that I paid $60, rather than 18 Trophies, I love to get those bigger ones, nothing sweeter than when you pop 1 for 100 GS or 2 for 150. In my opinion of course.

trouble_bubble1928d ago

"Personally I like the idea more of getting 600 Gamerscore on a game that I paid $60, rather than 18 Trophies"

So paying $60 for 18 cheevos is better than paying $60 for 18 trophies? What?! You're forgetting trophies also give you a 'gamerscore' that adds into your rpg-like level which increases. Trophy sites calculate a numerical gs value too, and it doesn't have to cap at 200, 400 or 1000.

Kyosuke_Sanada1929d ago

I know what it means for developers, a sorry excuse for replayability so they can charge for options that were usually free such as unlockable colours, characters, etc......

GuruStarr781929d ago

I've actually started enjoying trophies more than gamer score.. Getting a platinum trophy seems to be a bigger accomplishment than just building up points.. I've gotten five since I really started trying late last year and I'm having a blast with it..

Really wish Nintendo would get with it and institute something... There's not a whole lot of incentive to replay games on the Wii U.

admiralvic1929d ago

Really? I think they give creditability.

If someone has proof they beat the game, at least I know they're most likely not talking out their *** like some people love to. Usually the more achievements / trophies in a game a person has, the more knowledgable about it they're (unless it's MP related). I think this is the only "truly" good thing about them, though I still enjoy earning them.

Summons751929d ago

That's called a game save to prove you beat a game....and no the more achievements people have do not equal knowledge of the game it just means they have no life and are will to show they play Hanna Montana in order to get a higher meaningless score.

Achievements/ Trophies mean NOTHING! replayability? go ask the nes and other older games what there achievements are to bring make people replay them.....oh wait they're replayed because of their quality of story and gameplay. Extra content? NOPE actually a lot of games do have a lot of secrets like older games did.

Sure games still have excellent stories and gameplay but the trochivments add nothing to games.

admiralvic1929d ago

@ Summons75

Way to miss my point completely...

Most people freely give their PSN / XBL account names out, so you can always verify something if it sounds wrong. Like if I said BioShock was a terrible game and had 1 trophy in it, I probably have no right to talk.

Additionally, it wasn't about the overall score, it was about the single game in question. Like if someone told you Vanquish was an easy game, but beat the game on normal or lower, they probably don't have a right to talk. Now if I said it with the full 1,000 / platinum, at least you can verify I played a lot of it.

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