Wolfenstein: the New Order Will Use id Tech 5

GG3 gets additional info on the recent announcement of Bethesda's new Wolfenstein game. Wolfenstein: the New Order is being made by veterans of the Chronicles of Riddick and Darkness series and will use id's latest id Tech 5 engine, which was previously also used to produce the sparkling shooter Rage. Symbol and logo were also released and can be found in the article.

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megalonagyix1930d ago

bring it on baby! id tech 5 is amazing

FreakdoutKid1930d ago

isnt this the same cod engine??

CanadianTurtle1930d ago

I suggest everyone read the article because this is exciting news. This game is expected to be as controversial as MW2's "No Russion" mission.

I'm excited to see this being released as it is using the same engine that made RAGE.

1nsomniac1930d ago

I'm never a fanboy & usually don't believe in blind loyalty to companies, but the best news about this news is that it's being developed by the old Starbreeze devs.

Which against all my usual beliefs makes this a day 1 purchase.

Daavpuke1930d ago

For me, the most important is the inclusion of the engine that made Rage. I thought Rage was ahead of its time in terms of visuals, but it had some pop-up issues. I'm hoping they polished that out by now and this game will be truly stunning.

I agree though; the guys from Chronicles of Riddick and Darkness get me more warmed up than those that made that Syndicate reboot.

MrDead1930d ago

I hope is as good as Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I was let down by the previous game, the daddy of the FPS needs to be treated with more respect.

Daavpuke1930d ago

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was such an awesome game. That one beachhead level was absolutely surreal when it came out!

Evil_Ryu1930d ago

why must they remind me of rage >_<