Saints Row IV ‘Meet the President’ Trailer Revealed

Today, Deep Silver and Volition released a simultaneously awesome and terrifying new trailer showcasing all-new in-game footage from the upcoming Saints Row IV. Currently in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, Row IV is set to launch worldwide this summer.

RedDeadLB1092d ago

So.. this is what has become of Saints Row..

MWong1092d ago

I want some SR 1 & 2, with the graphics of SR3 and call it a day. This might be too over the top, but I'll wait and see.

A2X_1092d ago

We all know Saints Row doesn't take itself seriously. But this...

Drakesfortune1092d ago

What i would give for it to go back to the original saints row 1 and 2....

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