Microsoft Files Trademark for Ascend: Hand of Kul, Possibly Signal Studios' Next Game

GR said, "Remember Ascend: New Gods? Not too many people do. Signal Studios, or better known as those who brought you the Toy Soldiers franchise on Xbox Live, introduced the action title to the world during Microsoft’s 2012 E3 press conference. The game has been slated for a 2013 launch date, but little has been seen of the title, which will allow players to “wage war for your God as a brutal Caos warrior on a unique journey to Ascension,” since last year. However, a new trademark filed by the Xbox maker may be a sign that the game has taken on a new moniker."

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dirigiblebill1901d ago

They've also dropped the trademark for Ascend: New Gods, seemingly. Could be just the new title.

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Gildarts1901d ago

of course not many people remember Ascend. its not even out yet!!

Nitrox1901d ago

It wouldn't be if it were a PS4 exclusive, right?

Belking1901d ago

Nope. Then it would hailed as another quality exclusive before people even played it

PurpHerbison1901d ago

If it was a PS4 exclusive it would be looked at as this unique next coming of Christ.

KillrateOmega1901d ago

And cue the random and unnecessary initiation of a flame war...

OlgerO1901d ago

having your name aasociated with playstation does add a lot of prestige to a game titel while having your name asociated with xbox can do some serious damage. this is fact

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TemplarDante1901d ago

If its a great game, its a great game. A turd name doesnt stain a great game, right?

maniacmayhem1901d ago

I wonder if this is one of the titles where the rumors of "MS games being six months behind" comes from?

Whatever it does I hope they keep the gameplay of "multiplayer-focused, turn-based strategy game". Games nowadays could use more of a variety and I have always been a fan of turn based games.

Jek_Porkins1901d ago

This game was announced as a Free To Play game on the Xbox 360 at last years E3. Also, I wouldn't buy into rumors that every single Microsoft studio is 6 months behind, even the worst luck and biggest coincidence wouldn't account for all of their studios being that far behind.