Ubisoft aim to build for PC, Watch Dogs producer claims otherwise

Earlier this year, Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft told the Dutch gaming website InsiderGamer that Watch Dogs was being built for PC, and scaled back onto every other major platform:

“The team is developing it on high end PCs and next gen, after that other teams are looking how they can make it fit for the older generation. So the first approach is to see how they can take full advantage of the next gen consoles.”

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Crazyglues1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

You know I don't think people will get this, but this is actually how you want your games made... -(built for PC)-

PC First, then scale it down to hit consoles. People may not like that because if your on console and you version is going to make up the majority of sales, then you might prefer that the game was designed for your system..

But When you go PC first, Gamers are actually getting a better game. Because Your getting the game the developers are dreaming of making with all the ideas and no limitations.. -then after it's made you try to find a way to make it run on lower hardware...

What you don't want is a game designer working on the game and saying, "oh well the system can't do none of that so those features are out"

So Crytek's Cryengine 3 is a great example of understanding the problem Game companies face, and I'll try not to make this too long..

( When Crysis 1 came out it was the baddest thing on the planet and even high-end PC's at that time were brought to their knees. -Because they just made the game they wanted without limits-
-But It also put it out of the hands of a huge amount of gamers because they could not even run it or play it.

-So the question becomes does it really need such high detail can we tone that down a little so I can get it to run?

And here is the Balance of what Cryengine 3's real talent is -(Cryteks game engine used for Crysis 3)- Make a rock look really good but then re-do the rock so it still looks good but the graphics card does not have to cry to show it to the player..

-you the player really don't care about the rock you just want it too look good. And you don't want, it to give you a performance hit.. -So if the game has to slow down the shooting because the rock is at such high detail, then you want the rock toned down big time... (But you still want that rock to look really good, but more important you want the game to play fluid, with no slow down)

This is the best of both worlds, and this is why Crysis 3 looks really good on PC and that same game looks really good on Consoles.. This hit the balance of the two perfectly.. It's all about scaling it down in the right way.

WatchDogs seems to be on that same level - were the PS4 version will come so close to the high-end PC it will be hard to tell the difference... (This how we will get the best games possible)

And don't be fooled this is how all Third party games are going to be designed, PC first and then scaled down. -And then they will try to add things that maybe that console does well, but more likely they will just port the PC version. -NOT BAD BECAUSE these new consoles will be just like PC architect.

But for current gen consoles it won't be as good as they are not really designed as low end PC's

-Ok this went on way too long... LoL - I should have just made a blog post. But to sum it up it will be amazing on PS4 and Nex Xbox, but not so much on current gen.. sorry

||.........___||............ ||

ssj271896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Crysis is a PSN game.. fact!
yes pc has it advantages like more fps and higher resolution but that's about it.. in the end is the same game.

Smoke and mirrors .. stop over hyping PC games just because your graphics card can't max it out..

Fact crysis uno runs on 2005 console technology and it could not run on hight end pcs for few years lol

Watch Dogs was the less visually impressive game bext to Destiny .. and that because they are not true next gen games but just updates from old gen games.
Watch Dog gameplay and campaign seem interesting, the visuals are ok but nothing impressive.

reynod1896d ago

"Fact crysis uno runs on 2005 console technology and it could not run on hight end pcs for few years lol"

Its running below 720p with most of the vegetation and foilage missing. Textures are really low res with hardly any AA at all.

They tried to run the game on ultra settings on high end PCs, two completely different scenarios.

Load up a 8800GTX today and it will play Crysis 1 in 1080p Medium settings 30fps. With none of the vegetation or foilage missing, The game was just significantly dumbed down for consoles.

aquamala1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Did you think they look the same? Lol

When pc gamers in 2006-2008 wonder if their rig can run crysis, they don't mean in low to mid settings and only in 720p and low frame rates

Digital foundry has a comparison

Objects are downright removed in console versions, and missing one entire level . Ps3 runs as low as 12fps


Wow u really have no idea what u r talking about.

MikeMyers1896d ago

"What this means is that, contrary to Ubisofts initial word, the PS4 (and ostensibly PC) versions are being scaled upwards – meaning the game has been created with PS3 memory restrictions in mind."

And people still think consoles are not holding back PC gaming.

ssj271896d ago

I don't care if is running in low settings.. "it does not have as many leaves" are you kidding meeee? Like you will play the game and start counting the leaves? Lol wait the game is so boring that I bet you will do that..
What metter is that the game is playable less leaves.. less res less fps .. one small portion of the map was taken off who cares is not like the game is not playable and for a reason it was been sold for $20 because they knew it was poorly ported.

And you are telling me that PC do not hold back PC? Pc games are made to be able to run in low setting setup and is a fact.. don't blame consoles.. PC hold back PC and is the reality.
I'm as mad as you are that is gen has last so much .. it's annoying. But the PS4 is here and low end PC will hold it back and that's another fact..

Don't play the stupid guys and act lile you don't understand all this.. is clear and easy to understand ... you guys got owned by your own word's and that's another fact.

aliengmr1896d ago


PC games scale for lower end systems. Meaning you can adjust down from the highest possible settings.

You don't seem to understand the concept of scalability.

ssj271895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Well by your logic and this is a fact..
this is how PC gamers think and is sad, because graphics are not equal to resolution or frames per second are mot equal to fluidity.

Example one.. I got a sexy slim camera that does 20mp and I got a professional camera that does 10mp, the way PC gamers will think is that the 20mp camera will give you better picture quality but the reality is that the professional camera is the one who does that thanks to the more advanced technology.

Example two.. by your logics tetris runing at 4k will look better than Killzone shadow fall running at 1080p 30fps and Tetris been 120fps3 runs smoother.. that logic do not apply to smart guys like me, since I have eyes and KZSF clearly looks and runs better than Tetris, you don't need numbers to know this but eyes to see the fact.

Stop saying crysis 3 a current gen game is next gen because it can run 4k at 120fps on a high end PC.. it does not magically make a current gen game next gen, is like me saying MGS 2 hd is current gen game just because they update the resolution fps and some visuals.. it will be stupid if I say such and thing and you guys are such a thing because you guys keep saying current gen games are next gen just because you can go higher on fps and resolution .. it's not..

I close this case you guys got owned by a smart guy and just learn something new, you are welcome.

Don't fight a fight with lies because the truth always wins..!

Peace out fellow gamers.

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aliengmr1896d ago

Queue the rage disagrees.

Spot on. Being able to scale back on certain features while keeping others is the right approach.

Neixus1896d ago

isn't atleast as a big issue compared to last gen, next gen is more pc like architecture

Agent_hitman1896d ago

This game is good for crossfire or SLI build PC.. Looking at the vfx of this game, it looks stunning indeed.. We'll be needing a powerful PC hardware to run this game on 60fps all setting tweaked to ultra high.

gamernova1896d ago

Scale down to the upcoming next gen consoles. This is a powerful statement for those who insist on thinking that the ps4 will come close to a high end PC

TheUndertaker851896d ago

"What this means is that, contrary to Ubisofts initial word, the PS4 (and ostensibly PC) versions are being scaled upwards – meaning the game has been created with PS3 memory restrictions in mind."

Didn't read the article did you

kevnb1896d ago

Try not to get caught up in pr talk...

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