Top Tuesday: The 5 best voice actors in gaming

MWEB Gamezone writer Zaid Kriel has compiled a list of the current top 5 voice actors in gaming, in his view. The list includes Ellen McLain and Steve Blum of recent Mass Effect and Portal fame. Oh, and there's the cake too.

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DesVader1960d ago

Keith David as Captain David Anderson in ME. Such as smooth voice, deep voice - should have been a blues singer. Been in quite a few movies too.

WelshPixie1960d ago

Jennifer Hale! Jennifer Hale! Jennifer Hale!

HanCilliers1960d ago

Glados!! She is simply the best ever, she also features as the voice in TF2.

Pozzle1960d ago

He's not very well known...but Simon Templeman (Kain from Legacy of Kain) has always been one of my favorites.