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Submitted by Sandmano 1009d ago | news

Nintendo confirms hands-on E3 event for the show floor

Pre-E3 event to take place on Nintendo’s booth, featuring Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime. (E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

TheLyonKing  +   1009d ago
well thats something i suppose. Buisness wise it was a good choice but for consumers like me who are waiting for a reason to get the wii u who cant go to a hands on thing I am dissapointed.
jcnba28  +   1009d ago
They will still be showcasing their software on the show floor for us gamers to play. This particular event is just for the media, journalists etc.
TheLyonKing  +   1009d ago
Yeah but I won't be there is I can't play it and while a Nintendo direct is alright I wanted a conference to watch like a lot if people say the big conference is when millions will be watching.
Elwenil  +   1009d ago
Actually E3 itself is just for the media and industry folks. Per the E3 FAQ:

"E3 is not open to the general public. E3 is a trade event and only professionals from the industry will be allowed to attend. Individuals who are not able to document their direct and current professional affiliation to the interactive entertainment industry are not qualified to attend E3. All E3 attendees are required to show government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) upon request."
darthv72  +   1009d ago
dont feel bad. The conferences are more about key points than full demonstrations. They have to get the key information out to the media but the meat and potatoes of E3 are the booths themselves.

There is more hands on info distributed to the media and attendees at the game booths than they ever talk about on the big stage.

Nintendo direct will be just fine in this case as it is It will focus on the games that are playable on the show floor.

Too bad the nintendo channel isnt on the wii-u as there was always good bits of info from various publishers and developers in their own video segments. i may have to hook up the wii to see more during the week of E3 on the nintendo channel.
bullymangLer  +   1009d ago
nintendo at E3 will be in and out like a ninja
gedden7  +   1009d ago
did you read that good awful article about Patcher and decided to bring that mess with you?
TheLyonKing  +   1008d ago
correct I did. HE pulls up valid points and what he said was true. I don't know what your hate or anyones hate for Pachter is. He has a very successful career and companies wouldn't take his advice if he didn't know what he was talking about.

His points of profit over media is valid and nintendo aren't stupid either and they know if it won't make as much as it will be to put out the confrence then there isn't much point doing it.

I know I will get disagreed for liking pachter but am sticking to it. I am just gutted about not seeing a confrence I love watching them.
gedden7  +   1008d ago

No he doesn't he is giving his opinion as usual. saying that Nintendo wont have ANY NEW games at E3 is PURE opinion, saying the wii would flop OPINION, saying Nintendo is doomed is OPINION leaving out good things nintendo does is PURE bias, STATING Nintendo as a company SUCKS is BIAS and OPINION. If was to talk about FACTS he would talk about how bad MS does over seas and how much the kinect was/is a failure, he would talk about how bad Sony does as a overall business NOT try to bring nintendo down because he has stocks in other companies aka MS. look up your facts bro before you decide to follow people that don't care about gaming or games and are only out for themselves.
a_adji  +   1009d ago
They will show the games on a Nintendo direct. Chilax
3-4-5  +   1009d ago

Instead of talking about their games for 3 hours:

* They allow the media to play their games for a few hours.

The media then gets to tell us about the games they just played.

We will be hearing info about the games from people who actually played those games that day.

How is this a bad thing ?

seriously....think about it people..
Dj7FairyTail  +   1009d ago
press conference is 1 hour
lilbroRx  +   1009d ago
Consumers don't watch e3. Most don't even know it exist. e3 is for extreme gamers. Anyone who knows about e3 also knows about Nintendo directs as well, so Nintendo is making a smart choice.

This was already known but so many people were spreading misinformation that Nintendo wasn't going to be at e3 at all.
mercyme   1009d ago | Spam
lilbroRx  +   1009d ago
You have never seen me says that once.

I'm one of the people who would tell the people who were saying "wait until xxxxx? to stop wasting their times, because there have already been enough good games announced already to ensure the consoles future even without banking on possibilities and they were talking to Nintendo haters/trolls.

I don't know who these hypocrites you speak of are but I am not one of them. I have been saying the exact same things since last year.

You want see my stance change on these at all:
1. The Wii U is not selling because it has a shortage of games. All other reason are minor and overinflated by Nintendo haters and the gaming media(which nearly 1 and the same these days)

2. When the steady stream of major games start to come up the sales will increase by mulitple times.

3. Nintendo directs are better for showing off Nintendo games. I've been saying that since "last e3", because most people liked the Nintendo directs before e3 way more than they liked the stage presentation.
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live2play  +   1008d ago
where and how did you watch nintendos e3 conference?
how did you know it was coming up or what time it was going to run?
ONLINE because sites like ign, destructoid, gamespot etc tell me when nintendos conference will be and provide me links to watch it.

so how is it that a nintendo direct focused solely on games and nothing else, which is also online and sites like ign, destructoid, gamespot etc will also provide you with what time and links to watch it...ANY DIFFERENT??

..well uhh its called nintendo direct instead of nintendo e3 press conference 2014.. it just sounds better...

but nintendo directs will just focus on games, no stupid celebrities and such

well.... idk it just sucks
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1009d ago
The Event on Tuesday (when they normally have a Pres Conference)

They will allow Select Press Unfettered access to their games.

Too many times in the past I have seen E3 Hands -On or E3 Reporting Articles that begin with or contain the following phrases:

-"I did not have much time with the Game but it..."
-"The Line to the Nintendo Booth was long, so I..."
-"I had so many things I had to cover and the Nintendo Booth was packed so I.."
-"I did not get to play that game because the line was..."
-"At first the demos were longer but Nintendo decided to limit them to 10 minutes because of..."

This way, people in the press will get more hands on time.

Tuesday is the Day before the E3 floor opens- the press won't have anything to do but play Nintendo games.
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GiggMan  +   1009d ago
Makes sense somewhat. I hope this doesn't become a trend and MS and Sony start doing this in the future. I like looking forward to the big show every year.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1008d ago
double post
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1008d ago
"Well Said" to you.

I think it is may be a smart move
I will/would miss the Press Conferences.

I hope that they provide a Nintendo Direct of the situation.

Or maybe release game play video from the event. (From each game- lots of gameplay footage).
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avengers1978  +   1009d ago
They should do these all over the place... Like they did with the wii. Nintendo needs to get people informed about the wii u... Almost every one I talk to about it... Doesn't even know of its exsitance
PopRocks359  +   1009d ago
Well, that hopefully clenches it for everyone. Nintendo will in fact be at E3. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Hopefully for the Wii U's awareness and therefor success, these smaller scale presentations can still be impactful.
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mercyme   1009d ago | Spam
gedden7  +   1009d ago
Hey guys and gals,

Pay attention NINTENDO IS RE-INVENTING E3. With such close hand on impressions editors will get a chance to play Nintendo's games w/o waiting on LONG lines and barely get a feel of anything. MATCHED with NINTENDO DIRECTS that will be everywhere like E3 videos are... ON THE WHATEVER WEB SITES and MAYBE get some DEMOS as well! This move is kinda GENUS.

To all you NAY sayers out there, when Sony and MS does the exact same thing next year PLEASE "act" like you don't like it...
punisher99  +   1009d ago
As long as Sony still have an actual press conference. I wont have a problem with them.
mercyme   1009d ago | Spam
Jek_Porkins  +   1009d ago
Well it's nice to see Nintendo will have some presence at E3, and their focus will be games, games and more games. I think that in and of itself is a really smart move by Nintendo.
BigDuo  +   1009d ago
I'm willing to give this new approach a chance. At least for this E3, we know Nintendo is bringing the big games (but they've lost a bit of the element of surprise there) ,something it failed to do at Wii U's final unveiling at E3 2012. Trim the fat off of E3 and just give us want we want to hear. This way Nintendo feels it can better communicate the value of Wii U by catering more specifically to each of its audience through separate events: Nintendo Direct for gamers; Pre-E3 small conference + access to all Wii U games before the public for the gaming press; and another small conference for retailers.

The press will naturally cover the Nintendo Direct news as it comes in along with the E3 hands-on game footage just as they always have. Who knows, maybe some Wii U news will be saved specifically for the pre-E3 press conference than everything being spilled out of Nintendo Direct. We'll have Iwata cover the Nintendo Directs, Reggie and Miyamoto at pre- E3 press conference, and probably Reggie and Scott Moffit handle the retailer E3 conference.

Good luck, Nintendo... you'll need it. Maybe it get a bit lucky ifSony and Microsoft won't have all of their E3 news be so pleasing to hear in terms of things like next-gen price , lack of backwards compatibility, focus more on tech demos over real games, subsidized models, online services once again behind pay-walls (hello there, XBL!), unimpressive 1st party launch lineup (particularly a concern for Microsoft), and if Sony's Last Guardian is once again absent at the show or has switched platforms. There's plenty of room for both exciting and disappointing news... this is E3, baby!
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MilkMan  +   1009d ago
bobacdigital  +   1009d ago
Regardless of whether they have a huge stage presence they will still be releasing Nintendo Direct the same day of the event so that the people from home will get the same experience... The press will have their own mini presentation of the games and the ability to play all the games with enough time to properly evaluate them... It sux that we wont see the huge presentation we are use to seeing with the crowds reaction to the announcements but I fail to see how this will be a negative thing...

They will be conducting presentations and holding play sessions for all the major blogs and press people before and during the event ... isn't this the same as doing it on a huge stage with the same people? And if they release a schedule of their Nintendo Direct postings the press will be able to post when and where these things will happen and circulate them with social media...
zavierkai  +   1009d ago
Only hardcore gamers see this conference and media and investor so they already now about Nintendo decision of not going to E3 with a big conference. They are going to be heard and gamers are going to be impress by the games not for the noise of the music
bobacdigital  +   1008d ago
Well part of the issue is some investors or people think that not holding a huge presentation is a sign of weakness. I personally dont believe that at all. They know two new consoles are coming out and they are only going to talk about their first party release games. Why bother having a presentation about games you are ready to demo on the show floor.. The Wii U is the type of system that has to have people actually play for it to be understood. You cant just stand on a stage and SHOW people what the Wii U can do you need to have it in people hands..

It makes no sense for Reggie, Iwata, and Shinji to stand on stage and talk about the games and demo them when every time they do that we all make fun of them and talk about how awkward it is... What makes more sense is Reggie up there talking about the title release schedule and few other surprises and opening the show floor for play testing.

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