Spammers with bad grammar target PS3 users

An influx of new spammers have descended on PS3.

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ElitaStorm1807d ago

"Hang on Jeff! You can't even spell PlayStation."


maniacmayhem1807d ago

I wonder why this is so rampant on PSN? Is it easier to do on that network?

GraveLord1807d ago

I just don't see what the point of this is....its just pure spam. Stupid people who pass this along to me get instantly deleted off my friends list.

arronax-11807d ago

One of the reasons why I don't bother getting much friends anyway.

Iceman X1807d ago

It's the same as anywhere els this have started when they added copy/paste to PSN message now you get all these chain messages.

kneon1807d ago

Wait? What, spammers with bad grammar? Are they implying that there are spammers that don't have bad grammar? In my experience that just isn't the case.

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