PlayStation Store offline for unscheduled downtime

The PlayStation Store is offline with no explanation from Sony.

Error code 80710D36 most frequent complaint.


Server down for maintenance confirmed
Users prompted to install new Store update

Representative tells us back up within next two hours.

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Donnieboi1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Yeah I just saw it too. Probably preparing the PSN store for later today. Hopefully it doesn't last long.

nick3091782d ago ShowReplies(6)
Maddens Raiders1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Strange... I have no issues accessing the store whatsoever. I'm sure this will all be explained away by Sony in the next few hours. A/w not much for me to complain about from a free service in the first place tbh.

FamilyGuy1782d ago

Store got a firmware update, hopefully it's faster now :/

M-M1782d ago

If you're trying to lose all of your bubbles, you're doing a pretty good job so far.

Donnieboi1782d ago

See? Clearly he was trolling. Yet I am the one who got marked down in bubbles? Where is the justice on n4g?

fsfsxii1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

They should fix the horrible FPS issues with the store, its been very hard to acces anything via the store

Also, i am playing Injustice and everything is alright

Catoplepas1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I can't sign in at all for some reason. :(

I can't be the only one, surely?

nick3091782d ago

You aint the only 1, weird thing is that its tuesday , i dunno what they are doing .

SheenuTheLegend1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

yeah i can't sign in too

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The story is too old to be commented.