CNNMoney: Nintendo's big problem

For all its magnificent games and past successes, Nintendo has always been a little tone deaf when it comes to detecting and embracing new gaming trends. That brashness is finally catching up with the legendary video game company.

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RamboX1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

nintendos problem is they saturated the market with wiis, mario, and zelda, and 3ds's. if someone has the wii and 3ds they have no reason to get the wii u at this point because they have nsmb wii, and nsmb 3ds and mario 3d land and mario galaxy. so a nsmb u really not gonna make people jump at getting the 350 dollar wii u.

most people think its just an add on. They think the u in wii u stands for the add on pad things is what people think when i talk to them.
similar to wii fit and how that was an add on.

also wii

you can see how casuals would make the mistake in assuming its an add on especially since nsmb looks like the past ones if you dont know much about it or play it in depth.

more and more people are like i will get the monster hunter for 3ds no need to get the wii u one or i will get mariokart 3ds and play with that instead of waiting for mario kart wii u.

Information Minister1964d ago

Nintendo's problem is that they designed the Wii U to appeal to the casual market, then they realized they couldn't price it in the impulse purchase territory and turned their attention to the traditional hardcore gamer, but the system is too underpowered for that.

The way I see it, the Wii U is a price cut away from becoming successful.

dcbronco1964d ago

I'm not sure a price cut will do it. If the others subsidize their systems, they still undercut Nintendo with much better equipment. Nintendo needs to launch a new machine in the next three years or less. And they need to combine the chips in the Wii U to reduce cost. AMD has the tech to combine the chips and shrink them. They could then aggressively cut the price and wait until they can launch a new machine in 2016.

DivineAssault 1964d ago

pretty harsh truths that should be acknowledged

TemplarDante1964d ago

*reads headline*
Answer: Ignorance.

gedden71964d ago

Ok so the article is a little skewed. Comparing any system of the fame and sales of the Wii is a counterproductive article, imo. Wii was like a miracle system... A system wont sale like that maybe ever... And the article fails to mention that Nintendo unlike Sony and MS and JUST a GAMING company. Meaning they don't have power that MS and Sony (not for long "sony" has some real financial problems) have. they could afford to jump on trends and push other properties with their systems back then)

But I do agree that Nintendo rarely jumps on the latest trends, WHY? because that's Nintendo. N would rather innovate and make good games rather than follow other companies! I'm gonna love the next Xbox or PS4 (IDK which I will get yet) But i know that the games will be the same style of games as I been playing on this gen but just prettier.

My Wii U on the other hand, the gampad lets me play differently. That has to mean something. In time more and more gamers will understand what i see now, but only later.

LoveOfTheGame1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I agree about Nintendo not jumping on trends, it just isn't what they do. This and their sense of simplicity is what I have always loved about them.

What worries me more is the differences Sony and MS are doing. For some reason I'm the only one worried about Sony making simple architecture for developers to use. Sure it's better for developers but that's just not what Sony usually does and that's what I liked about them. Add that to MS declining in the "Core" game section and I just keep worrying about this next generation of consoles.

I think all three need to do their own thing they have always done because that is what made their fans enjoy them.

Edit: Just read my comment over...damn I'm pessimistic.

AdvanceWarsSgt1964d ago

"But I do agree that Nintendo rarely jumps on the latest trends"

That may be true for their consoles, but for their handhelds, particularly the DS and 3DS, they have been more open to more modern technologies (SD Cards and wi-fi functionality (remember, wi-fi was still a "brand new" thing in 2004)). Hell, they redesigned the DS JUST so they could get an app-like store to appease to indie developers and the smartphone crowd.

IMO, only one half of Nintendo refuses to adopt popular trends. Coincidentally, it is also the half that has performed rather terribly in 2 of the past 4 generations.

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