Mastery in gaming Part 2: Going professional

MWEB Gamezone writer Zubayr Bhyat interviews ex-professional gamer Stephen "Ph4ntom" Cloete about mastery in gaming, playing competitively and overcoming challenges in his gaming career. Some very fascinating things are learned along the way and some humble pie eaten in the process!

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HanCilliers1963d ago

I think gaming on a professional level requires so much dedication and discipline, and I have tremendous respect for players that succeed in eSports.

I think something that you've not included in the interview, but that should maybe be talked abt, is having a professional attitude and the appropriate behavior. This is something cyber athletes seem to forget

DesVader1963d ago

Quite right, just like any other sport or in fact, any profession, its all package. You not only have to have the skills, but you need the right attitude.

plut0nash1963d ago

I think that would be a problem with younger players. Older, more experienced cyber athletes tend to keep themselves professional wherever possible. That's mostly due to them knowing that they're their own brand.