Army Of Two: Devil’s Cartel And Why Gaming Needs “Dumb” Games

There’s been a real push this generation to improve game stories. That’s not to say that good stories are unique to recent games, the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy titles have made attempts to tell grand stories in the past, but it seems like the story has been increasingly pushed to the front of many games. From huge titles like Mass Effect and the recent Tomb Raider, to the smaller ones like Thomas Was Alone, the story has been central to success. As someone who loves a good story I can only hope for more of them.

However this push has, in my opinion, had a bit of an adverse affect on some titles which have forgettable or shallow plots, receiving less favourable reactions than they would have in the past. I recently played through Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, a game that wasn’t met with much fanfare and won’t any win awards for its story telling, but offered something that seems to be a bit of on a decline – silly, over the top fun.

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Tonester9251930d ago

I Just can't buy games like this

AusRogo1930d ago

Sell these games at a lower price and you've got a winner. I absolutely love Army of Two games, best for co op. But I wait till they get cheap before I buy though :)

1930d ago
Theyellowflash301930d ago

Gaming doesn't need this "dumb" game. It sucks ass, just another piece of EA shovelware. Stupid bro dude game that you would have to be high to spend $60 on. EA can keep their trash.

Psychonaut1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Army of Two was good, paid full retail. Army of Two 40th Day I waited till price drop, and in regards to Devil's Cartel i'll wait again, and while talking about STORY TELLING if you follow the story of the first two games you can get a idea of where its going, and the story of the third game actually is good. It opens it for a fourth.

However I do agree. games like these should retail for 49.99 or 39.99 and they will push more copies on release day, if not from fans of either: the series, couch co-op, but from gamers who want a new game but don't have, or want to drop 60.00 plus dollars on a new release.

OhMyGandhi1930d ago

What sucks the most about the Army of Two series is that these games have HUGE potential. I love the 2 on 2 concept but it just doesn't feel like the game has been totally realized as of yet.

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