Microsoft Attending Gamescom 2013: Focus on "Next Xbox"

Microsoft announced that it will be appearing at this year's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The focus is on the "next Xbox".

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Why o why1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

nice, they must have games to show off. Lets hope the core/casual game ratio is heavier on the core end.

Maddens Raiders1898d ago

85% of life is showing up. The remaining 15 is used to dispel/explain "always on" and why subs to play & view online content are necessary.

LoveOfTheGame1898d ago

I bet you say that every night before bed. Can't wait for the rumors to stop or at least slow down.

EVILDEAD3601897d ago

Great move for Microsoft. They need to have a big presence at Gamescom this go-around more than they have in a very longtime.

Will be interesting to see them go to Tokyo this year as well.


AngelicIceDiamond1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

@Why I sure hope so. Next week Lucid games could announce PGR5 ahead of the New Xbox reveal, can't wait.

MS seems to setting its sites on these events. They missed GDC and now they're making up for it which is great.

BTW @Why do you think MS could be at TGS? Seeing how the Japanese Market has never supported MS.

Do you think they'll have games that'll cater to them?

Why o why1897d ago

I think they should. They've built from their first gen to this gen so why not go in again.. Slow motion is better than no motion. No region should be ignored imo

nthstew1898d ago

so will Sony since they have the biggest PlayStation market in Europe it more sense...

M-M1898d ago

This article isn't about Sony though...

1898d ago
Jek_Porkins1898d ago

Looks like Microsoft will go full on advertising mode, cant wait ti see what they have!

etowntwo1898d ago

Can't wait to hear the details of next Xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.