Game Informer Teases Cover Story, 'Biggest Since GTA IV'

Gameranx: "The longest story that Game Informer ever published was its report on Grand Theft Auto 4 many years ago. Writers at the magazine has been teasing that their upcoming cover, which releases tomorrow, will be bigger and longer than anything else they've ever done, including their exclusive cover story of GTA IV."

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majiebeast2018d ago

They already had a GTA V cover. Also its not Destiny or the teased Bethesda game. Im going with Santa Monica studio's next game,Dragonage 3 or GT6. A senior producer at SSM teased a new project reveal for today it could be small or big.

abzdine2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

i guess we have to wait for tomorrow but it could have something to do with Sony intriguing announcements for this week?

Blacktric2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I wouldn't expect anything more than a Star Wars: Angry Birds 2 announcement if I were you. GameImplyer already disappointed thousands of people by overhyping their sh*tty reveals more than enough times to warrant caution.

Karpetburnz2018d ago

yea I'm guessing Its Sony Santa Monica's new IP, because one of the employees said on Twitter that they're announcing their new project today, And Sony was supposed to be announcing a new game this week.

Blacktric2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

It's not GTA V, Wolfenstein or anything Bethesda related, Santa Monica's new project or Destiny according to recent Twitter posts from the guy. Reiner already stated that this is not even about just a single game. Some people are speculating that it's going to be either a PS4 or Durango reveal. But who knows. We'll know more about it in about an hour and 4 minutes.

Tontus2018d ago

Can someone please share a link to the post on Twitter by the senior producer at Sony Santa Monica teasing a new project reveal for today?

Yi-Long2018d ago

Nintendo and Sega hooking up. Big Time.

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Maddens Raiders2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

^^ waste that much ink and valuable trees on COD? Surely you're joking.

edit:/ ..haha nice way to edit your comment abz and disagree w/ me. Next time try it in reverse order ;)

showtimefolks2018d ago

It's better not be COD Ghosts

New fallout
Sme new IP from Sony

Sony have already said they will be announcing few things this week so this cover story most likely will be about one of the games

You want to do story

Show Shenmue 3 and HD collection/remake for first 2
FF13 versus

I be happy with a new IP or fallout

OmegaSlayer2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Nintendo going multiplatform :p

deafdani2018d ago

Shit. Something like that would definitely take the entirety of the magazine, not just 20 pages.


jatakk2018d ago

I'm guessing (hoping):

Fallout 4,
Half-Life 3 or
Doom 4

Crazyglues2018d ago

Fallout 4 would be nice.....

-but it's probably Rainbow Six or something like that..

||.........___||............ ||

ardivt2018d ago

half life 3 announcement? that would be worth 20 pages!

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Kanzes2018d ago

They should announce it for PC first before it come to Vita

Wintersun6162018d ago

GTA V Stories, not GTA V. Like Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. The name would have to be San Andreas Stories though.

greedybear882018d ago

that would be immense :) we need a dedicated GTA game for vita

coolmast3r2018d ago

Let me hug you =) You're a good man!

from the beach2018d ago

Wonderful 101 releasing this week?!

nick3092018d ago

Hopefully the next red dead or anything from rockstar

EliteDave932018d ago

I dont think R* will announce anything before the release of GTA V.

ardivt2018d ago

well gta V is only 4 months away. announcing their next big thing would at least be a possibility.