The Places of Our Past: Exploring the Emotional Intimacy of Gone Home

Gamespot: "Gone Home's remarkable sense of time and place frames a fascinating story waiting to be discovered in this upcoming exploration-based game. Throughout my life, games have largely been a means of escape. This has been extremely valuable, even essential. Leaping through jungles with Pitfall Harry, exploring alien landscapes with Samus, living the life of a hero of destiny in the realm of Morrowind--all of these experiences enriched my life while also providing a much-needed reprieve from the complications and pain of the real world. But games don't need to be purely about escape. They don't need to let us be people with wildly different experiences from our own in worlds that are wholly foreign to us. As I played through the demo for Gone Home, an upcoming game by The Fullbright Company, I experienced something extraordinary. The game wasn't just allowing me to be someone else; it was illuminating parts of myself."

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