IGN:Dragon's Crown the Game Vita (and PS3) Deserves

I’ve been waiting to tell you this for a while, dear readers: I’ve played Dragon’s Crown. I’ve played it extensively, in fact, and have been left both thoroughly impressed and exceptionally excited to jump into the final product this summer. Dragon’s Crown is shaping up to be every bit the game Vita and PS3 gamers hope it is, and there’s every reason in the world to put this game at the very top of your personal “Most Anticipated Vita Game” list (and PS3, too).

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Arai1965d ago

Everything screams awesomeness, especially the mounts usage.

dedicatedtogamers1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Good to hear that the game is shaping up nicely. And now that it has everyone's attention (what with the hubbub caused by Kotaku) I hope that people can appreciate the game for what it is.

My only fear with the preview is the author's gushing approval of the game. He says "there’s every reason in the world to put this game at the very top of your personal “Most Anticipated Vita Game” list". Yeah, you guys said the same thing about games like AssCreed Liberation and Soul Sacrifice and then turned around and slapped those games with >8/10 scores.

blitz06231964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I'll be honest, when I saw this was a 2D game, I was turned off. Then I saw videos - I could never have imagined a 2D game to look as good as this.

guitarded771964d ago

I'm just bummed it's taking so long... It looks like a modern take on Golden Axe, which was one of my favorites in on the Genesis. I downloaded it on PS3, and it's still awesome, so I know I'll enjoy Dragon's Crown with it's RPG elements.

NewMonday1964d ago

as a big Odin Sphere/Grim Grimoire fan, Dragon's Crown was a hot game for me ever since the first announcement.

"IGN:Dragon's Crown the Game Vita (and PS3) Deserves"

IMOO that game is available now, it is Gravity Rush, it has no hype whatsoever, but I just got around to playing it and I'm blown away.

describing it as an action game is a mistake, it is more of a platform/adventure set in a sandbox world. the fun I get is from the challenge missions that keep throwing curveballs.

the game takes time to pick up steam, but after I got the groove I just couldn't put it down.

himdeel1964d ago

IGN screams about how awesome the NEXT Vita game is to give it a 6/10 and say, "This isn't what we wanted."

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sherimae24131965d ago

i remember in 2012 a lot of people assume including the media that this game had became a "vaporware"
fanboys of other platforms tends to insult and mock of those who wish or ask of when this game would come out.....
and now when the game is being announced again in february and is confirmed to be released in NA with a solid release date of august 6

now ive seen a lot of people who is asking "will dragons crown be ported to 360" and "dragon's crown should also be on the wii u and 3ds"
oh.... the irony..... ^_^

btw, vita version all the way! ^_^

b_one1965d ago

This game looks and feels like good old D&D arcade games polished to the max, with new tech.

Inception1964d ago

"fanboys of other platforms tends to insult and mock of those who wish or ask of when this game would come out"

Yeah, i remember that. Even some nintendo fanboy in here ignorantly said to me that Code of Princess graphic are more awesome than Dragon's Crown. I just rolled my eyes @[email protected]

TheTwelve1964d ago

Code of Princess plays like a slow Guardian Heroes, lol

Kurt Russell1964d ago

I haven't seen anything of what you say about Sherimae2413... Neither fanboy mocking or requests for ports.

Regardless, I hope this is as good as it looks.

sherimae24131964d ago

looks like your not visiting various gaming sites huh,
go to google and type " dragons crown port to 360"
and there at the first site its gamefaqs, the TC is asking if there will be a chance that dragons crown will be ported to 360

you can even see various links there ^_^

well i think its understandable that you dont know about this.
since you are "kurt russell" and so busy in hollywood and only have little time to visit gaming sites ^_^

bryam19821964d ago

me and you all the way baby......playing this game on vita coop i mean

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majiebeast1965d ago

This game on the Vita's OLED screen is gonna be amazing its the version i will get atleast.

Arai1964d ago

August 6th for the US and Q3 for Europe.

DarkBlood1964d ago

so only the vita version will be the one with a physical release?

Arai1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Both will have physical media release so far I know, probably digital download as well.

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