PikPok Announces 30 Million Downloads (10 Million for Into the Dead and 20 Million for Flick Kick)!

PikPok announced that Into the Dead for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android, passed the 10 million download mark in April 2013, less than 5 months after release. The game joins another PikPok title past 10 million downloads, Flick Kick Football, and is fast chasing down the Flick Kick series total of over 20 million downloads.

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FaSCoRP1964d ago

Never heard or read about it

Army_of_Darkness1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

It's pretty much like an automatic racing game that instead of dodging other cars and objects, your a guy in first person view automatically running while dodging zombies by moving left or right.
its okay for a Free casual game;-)

These free games have ridiculously expensive microtransactions that I would never buy.

ApolloTheBoss1964d ago

I have never heard of either of these games, or the developer for that matter.

Jek_Porkins1964d ago

Either casuals are buying a ton of games, or there are some "hardcore" gamer's buying these little titles as well. I tend to think it's casuals and hardcore gamer's, which is why these mobile devices are getting all the credit and love these days.

I've never bought a game on a mobile device, proud of that fact.

LightofDarkness1964d ago

It's just counting downloads, not outright purchases

GamerWire1964d ago

Into the Dead is a pretty core game. It is mobile, but absolutely for core gamers.

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