Surviving the Horror of Modern Progress

Most agree that Resident Evil 4 killed survival horror, but was it a cold blooded murder or a merciful euthanising? LaserLemming looks into just why survival horror's condition appears, at the very best, terminal while also running the investigative magnifying glass over some of the modern games trying to move the genre in new directions while remaining true to its terrifying roots.

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Snookies121925d ago

Resident Evil 4 was the best of the series...

Bunce1925d ago

Agreed, but I do love the earlier RE games as well.

Snookies121925d ago

As do I, although going back to play them now. It's just plain awful control-wise.

isntchrisl1924d ago

The Wii version had fantastic controls. It was so satisfying to shoot an enemy in the knee and then pop him in the head.

Bunce1925d ago

Wasn't so flash at the time, either! :D