DICE Director Explains Why Frostbite 3 will not be on WiiU

The technical director for Frostbite, Johan Andersson has announced on twitter why Frostbite 3 will not be on the WiiU.

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ShugaCane2045d ago

If Frostbite 2 doesn't run on the Wii U, then it would have been really surprising if Frosbite 3 did. But I'm not sure if Wii U owners are interested in BF 4 or Dragon Age 3 (game using FB 3) anyway. Or if they are, never intended to play them on that system.

LOL_WUT2045d ago

Ouch! Seriously, what did Nintendo do with all the money they made on the Wii? Because at this point they should start considering paying for 3rd party support. ;)

Frostbite 3 a next-gen engine! Faithfuls exposed!

showtimefolks2045d ago

So right man, where did they spend the money in research and development because wiiu is not next gen and its only on par with current gen

Most ext gen engines aren't gonna run on wiiu

Nintendo better show. Lot at E3 otherwise wiiu will be a or gotten device that people will buy to only play Nintendo exclusives

Thirty3Three2045d ago


I agree with a lot of what you said, however, let me point out one mistake:

"...wiiu is not next gen..."

^Next Gen doesn't have to do with "specs", it has to do with the system releases. (ie: "Nintendo 64 and PSX", "PS2, Xbox and Gamecube", "Xbox 360, PS3, Wii".)

Everyone acknowledged that the Wii was part of the last generation, I don't see how it'd be any different with the WiiU.

Next Gen = Next GENERATION = "Generation"! Think about it. Generation.

Think about it, with your logic, that's like saying that your father is in the same generation as you are, within your family. That's not right by any means.

I agree that the WiiU lacks power, COMPARED to the PS4 (and maybe the nextbox- wait until it's announced.) but the misuse of "next gen" could be very aggravating to others.

zeal0us2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

They use it to build a console base off a specific market believing it would drive users to their new console. The specific market I'm referring to is the tablet market. Sadly it didn't have the effect they thought it.
They went from "Hey here's something for the whole family to enjoy" to "Hey here's something for you to enjoy"
They should have just made a wii2. Increase the specs to make the console more future-proof and pleasing to third party developers. Kept the motion gaming for the causal crowd. Possibly redefine the controller and motion gaming mechanics. Not only that but kept core games controller only. The tablet could've still been available for those who want it.

BitbyDeath2045d ago

How could they not get Frostbite 2 working on WiiU if it already works with PS3/360?

ijust2good2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Nintendo spent most of the money they earned from Wii days on numerous free for all Orgies, high class prostitutes with huge tits and getting high every weekend. The left over from all that sodomy went to developing the Wii U. How ironic isn't it. They've been Cum-drained as a company.

Theyellowflash302045d ago

The comments here are kind of stupid. CryEngine 3, Anvil, Unreal 3+4, Hedgehog, and so many other engines run on Wii .

EA and DICE were too damn lazy to port the engine over. EA is still butthurt over the whole origin fiasco.

@LOL Wut

"Because at this point they should start considering paying for 3rd party support. ;)"

The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3?????

PirateThom2045d ago


They'd still need to rewrite parts to make it work on Wii U, likely.

The fact they've moved on, they probably don't see this as worth any sort of investment or time.

ColinZeal2044d ago

@BitbyDeath The memory of the WiiU is slower than on systems that are 7 respectively 8 years older:
WiiU: 12.8 GB/s
360: 22.4 GB/s
PS3: 25.6 GB/s

Doesn´t matter if there´s 2 GB of it if it´s that sluggish.
Frostbite 2 runs on 256MB...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32044d ago

When I see BF4 or the mention of Frostbite I start getting sleepy. The only thing Frostbite related that intrigues me is the next Mass Effect.

DragonKnight2044d ago

What's funny is that the only time I've ever heard anyone say "next gen is not about specs, it's about releases" is this gen with the Wii U. I wonder why that could be.

PopRocks3592044d ago


Because it's with the Wii U in particular that people insist that it is not a generation eight console based solely on its specifications. Not even the Wii received that sort of treatment and its specs were comparable to an original Xbox, perhaps even lower.

McScroggz2044d ago

@PopRock359 People don't pretend the Wii U isn't a generation 8 console, in fact most people probably don't even know about the specific console generations. When people say the Wii U isn't next gen its because it came out 7 years after a console cycle started and is only marginally better than those consoles, if not worse in some aspects.

The Wii U is TECHNICALLY next gen in terms of its release time frame; but in comparison to the Xbox 360 and PS3 specs it's laughable to label the Wii U as next gen...especially with what we know about the PS4.

I get that it might be frustrating to hear so many disregard the Wii U by not saying it's next gen, but instead of arguing semantics just let it go.

Yodagamer2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

@colinzeal that information was given out by a person on a forum who had no expertise other than google, it probably came down to a lack of optimization to the gpgpu. From a couple interviews i've heard the 1gb ram is not a bottleneck for the wii u, even if it could have been more.

_-EDMIX-_2044d ago

@Thirty3Three- I agree that the term has changed since the Wii came out. Before then, developers would just say next gen. Wii is what caused developers to coin the term "High end next gen" ie when they announced Bioshock, they stated for "all High end next gen systems" ie they now needed to re-state what Next Gen exactly was.

Regardless of what its called, it means NOTHING for the Wii U, its a pretty stupid agrument and just makes anyone who supports Wii U look even dumber.

Wii is current gen yes? WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING IF Mass Effect, Assassain's Creed, GTA, Red Dead, LA Noire, Bioshock, Battlefield. Dead Space etc all skipped the system? So.....because its "called" current gen or it "released" around the same time it some how mains it will get the same games?

So.....if it didn't happen for the Wii....its somehow going to happen with the Wii U? LMFAO! Now....100 million units couldn't make that reality happen. What needs to be coined here is a term known as "HIGH END NEXT GEN" as in "ONLY PC PS4 and 720" Now this is not me thats dubbed this label, you can think the rest of the gaming industry for doing that.

When we are talking about Next gen as in NEW LOOKING GAMES and NEW AI FEATURES....we are talking about "HIGH END NEXT GEN" (say it with me) "HIGH END NEXT GEN".

PS4, PC, 720. ie "HIGH END NEXT GEN", aka "EVERYTHING BUT A NINTENDO SYSTEM" aka "Wii vs PS3,PC,360' aka "Wii U vs PS4, PC, XB Fusion"

Its funny cause I actually agreed with you. (I still do on some level) but No...the Wii U is next gen by name only. The Nextbox will be a high end next gen system with PC and PS4. Gaming didn't let Wii's dated tech hold it back from making amazing games, I don't see why they will let Wii U.

MysticStrummer2044d ago

@Thirty3Three - Define the terms however you want, but that next gen system is comparable in power to current systems, so not calling it next gen seems perfectly reasonable to me.

pixelsword2044d ago

@ ijust2good:

EVERY console should be made like that.

Sure, we'd have Commodore 64 graphics in 2016, but think of the FUN!

BitbyDeath2044d ago

@yodagamer, might have some truth to it considering all the OS issues they are having and that's running on a full 1GB

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Maddens Raiders2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

it's becoming commonplace now. Heads are going to roll for all of this incompetence.

Blackdeath_6632044d ago

all this means is that nintendo has yet again failed to appeal to a larger audience which is what they were aiming for with the wiiU and games like bayonetta2 and zombie U. looks like they need to rethink their strategy and cater to their nintendo fans with their tried and trusted titles like zelda, xeno blade and whatever it is nintendo fans are so fond of. the real crisis is if they fail in that respect too. personally i really hate that the halfhearted attempts by using old titles and sticking a "U" at the end like super mario U its as if they are not even trying anymore. not all doom and gloom just yet however

_-EDMIX-_2044d ago

Really? Is this really bad news for Nintendo? Think about it. Nintendo made a system before with a lack of 3rd party support when they made the Wii. Now if they wanted those type of games, why wouldn't they just make a system that was truly "high end"?

Its cause they don't want to. THINK ABOUT IT! Why should Nintendo as a publisher waste money making a beast system for games that will and have sold better on Sony and MS systems? I'm sorry but what Nintendo did with the Wii wasn't some sort of mistake. They knew VERY DAMN WELL WHAT THEY WHERE DOING! You guys do understand that Nintendo is purposely getting there crowd not get use to certain IP's? They don't want 3rd party support in that respect, they want 3rd parties to make "default exclusives" by making a weak system, they are now avoiding ports from PS4 and 720.


No mistake was made with the Wii U, its exactly what Nintendo wanted. Many of you have stated on here a whole lot "I'm buying it for Nintendo games" that is the attitude they want to hear. So your money when to ONLY Nintendo for the system clearly and your games are ONLY Nintendo games too? Sounds so bad for Nintendo. LOL!

BattleTorn2044d ago


All due respect, I did NOT buy a Wii U for Nintento exclusives. I bought it with hopes that there would be decent (existant?) 3rd-party support.


By that do you mean, they want to be at the bottom? Cause I don't want to play on the system that has little to no 3rd-party support.

Nintendo can race to the bottom if they wish, I'll choose to jump ship!

donman12045d ago

Smells of EA stink lies and influence. Hmmm, so Crytek Engine 3 runs on Wii U (Shadow of the Eternals using this engine and will be for PC/WiiU) and Frostbite 3 can run on Xbox360/PS3 but cannot run on Wii U. It sure smells like a lie.

just-joe2044d ago

Interesting point, I'm surprised no one pointed this out.

nirwanda2044d ago

And the way EA has been unsupportive of the wii U, suggests your right.

Nevers0ft2044d ago

Yep, the fact that Frostbite 3 runs on the PS3 and 360 makes the rest of the statement pretty much redundant. Of course the engine will run on the Wii U, they just don't want it to.

RFornillos42044d ago


unless they wanna admit how inferior of an engine Frostbite 3. i mean, why would CryEngine 3 run on Wii U; or Unreal Engine 3 (and some 4), or any of Ubisoft's game engine (like that of Watch_Dogs) run on Wii U, but they can't make FB3 work on it?

at least CryTek had the balls to admit that the reason they won't bring Crysis 3 in the Wii U (albeit admitting that they were able to run Crysis3 in it) is because EA doesn't want to publish it for the Nintendo console.

lizard812882044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Then no. I won't be surprised if they can't get any of the new star wars games to run either...Or any of their games when it comes to EA....since EA is still butthurtt about no origins. Although, Had Nintendo went through, I bet EA would be singing on top of a mountain about how fantastic the Wiiu is, just like they did when it was announced.

Blackdeath_6632043d ago

well i guess you're right to some extent but that would imply that EA is not interested on developing for the wiiu, the real question is why?

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ATi_Elite2044d ago

Wow Way to straight up LIE to Gamers!

Just tell the truth EA, Poor WiiU sales (Less than 4 Million) is not enough to warrant porting games to the WiiU.

making up some crap about the Frostbite 2 Engine not running on the WiiU is CRAP.

DeadlyFire2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Need for Speed Most Wanted U runs Frostbite 2 Engine with the PC textures and assets perfectly fine at 30 fps I assume 30. An EA game. :P

dantesparda2044d ago

Mosted Wanted doesnt use FB2 it uses Criterion's Hot Pursuit engine

DeadlyFire2044d ago

I am pretty sure if Nintendo sales skyrockected over the next year or two then sure Frostbite 3 would be on WiiU almost instantly. EA though WiiU would sell faster than the Wii and it didn't give them gold with Mass Effect 3, and Need for Speed U on WiiU. Which mind you Frostbite 2 runs fine with Need for Speed U. An EA game most are ignoring in thinking about this.

lilbroRx2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

You believe this? The Frostbite engine, 2 or 3, is not doing anywhere near as much as the Crytek engine 3 and that runs on the Wii U with no issues. Heck, even UE4 can run on the Wii U to some degree. The devs said it.

The reason it doesn't run on the Wii U is because they didn't make it run on the Wii U. If they stopped after a few test then that means they didn't try to optimize, debug, or recode anything. You can't put a program on a completely different architecture than it was built for an it work perfectly with no effort.

Of course most people don't even care about that. All they care is that they can use this as more fodder to bash Nitnendo. Reality and logic always take a seat when its that time.

The Dead Island devs tried to make that claim as well but the game engine dev stepped in and said it worked just fine. Anyone who says a game engine that runs on the PS3/360 can't run "better" on the Wii U is lying. If it doesn't work, that means they didn't want it to.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2044d ago

"Well Said"

Another case of an engine designer or developer,
making a lie the truth.

Says: "Nintendo WiiU can't run this engine.
Thinks: ("Because we did not design it too. hahahaha!"


Says: "Nintendo fans don't buy our games or these types of games."
Thinks: ("I think it is because of all of the crappy test games we make for Nintendo consoles. 'Dead Space' on rails haha! And maybe it is because they bought another console while they were waiting for us to release our game on their Nintendo console.")

PopRocks3592044d ago

Well said indeed. Wii U's third party issues have just as much to do with a lack of interest/effort on the developers as it does with Nintendo's hardware, if not more so.

dantesparda2044d ago

Damn, so the wii u cant even run fb2 adequately? help!

Kiddcarter2044d ago

I hate when people say Nintendo fans don't care about game a or game b, how can someone say that when Nintendo gamers are gamers just like Sony, PC and Microsoft gamers. The fact that companies are pulling away from the Wii u only 6 months in, is disappointing because a section of gamers are being ignored just because they like Nintendo.

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Qrphe2045d ago

I wonder what "not too promising results" really means. Does it mean it would have to have been heavily modified to make it run like it WILL be on PS360?

Skate-AK2045d ago

That's what it sounds like. It's weird cause they talk about how well Frostbite scales to different hardware. Hurts their creditably a little bit if they didn't even really try.

fr0sty2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

They were saying that when they tested Frostbite 2 on Wii U hardware,, which already ran on PS3 and 360 (it's what runs BF3), they were not impressed. They never even attempted to port frostbite 3. In other words, it didn't even do as good as PS3 and 360 at running their last engine, so they didn't even bother with the new one. It likely had to do with CPU limitations since by all indications Wii U has a more powerful GPU.

joeorc2044d ago

"It likely had to do with CPU limitations since by all indications Wii U has a more powerful GPU."

Agreed that; and it sounds like the connection bus my not be enough in its ability to handle the data through put at an acceptable speed for the engine for its throughput to the io.

Ozmoses2045d ago

well if nintendo had frostbite than we would probably have to amputate.

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BIGTAMR2045d ago

They must not have tried or its a crap not well coded engine as the team at crytek managed to get cryengine 3 running on the Wii U. EA just really are holding a grudge against Nintendo atm

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Brucis2045d ago

It's a not so good engine. Even the previous engine had better destruction and collision. The only thing it really seems to be strictly better at is graphics.

sync902045d ago

How in the hell do you know that?