Pach-Attack - Pachter's Xbox Rumor Ratings

GameTrailers: "When it comes to next-gen Xbox rumors, what's feasible and what's nonsense? Michael Pachter gives you the odds."

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The_Infected1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

He's getting a little cocky if you ask me. Calling people dumb shit and saying no shit sherlock. He needs to chill.

The_Infected1537d ago

How you gonna disagree about him being rude?

Emilio_Estevez1537d ago

Meh, I thought he was pretty funny in this one. I'd rather hear someone talk like a normal person than spew PR talk any day of the week.

'Kotaku writes shit like that and people click on it?'
- Classic

JoySticksFTW1537d ago

Yeah, he was pretty rude calling Xbox mini buyers "dumb shits", but I get that he's trying to say your old systems won't suddenly explode when the new one release (for those worried about Backwards Compatibility).

And yes that Kotaku line was classic :)

GamerWire1537d ago

I disagree about him being rude.

Dlacy13g1537d ago

I agree... lets be very honest. If you trade in your 360 to buy a new xbox and have to buy the dongle to play your old games on it .... kinda stupid... but to each there own.

Sorraxe1537d ago

This was funny and Awesome. True has been told!

pudding9081537d ago ShowReplies(1)
vikingland11537d ago

Funny show but in the end we will see if he was right.

LOL_WUT1537d ago

He's always right especially when it comes to Nintendo hate him or love him. ;)

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