The EA Strikes Back, Battlefront 3, KOTOR 3? writes: "Disney scoops up the giant property, LucasArts gets shut down, new sequels, and now this. It was bound to happen, you know the big let down and all. It started with LucasArts closing and now an evil empire has the rights to publish Star Wars video games. Sigh, just have to stay positive about this. Let’s think of the good that could happen with this. You know like what if the PS4/Xbox Fusion saw Battlefront 3 or the PC saw a true KOTOR entry."

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GameReviewGuy1896d ago

I would love a battlefront 3 game!

LoveOfTheGame1895d ago

I say give KOTOR 3 to Obsidian. I just don't trust bioware like I used I hate EA bought this.

Tr10wn1895d ago

It will be the same, EA give deadlines thats what happen with SWToR its not something Bioware or Obsidian can controll, Bioware lost their Doctors but its still way better than Obsidian.

kostchtchie_1895d ago

ha ha unlucky, trust EA to get hold this

jagstatboy1895d ago

I guess this means we'll have to be logged in to EA's servers to play the single-player and then won't be able to play because their servers won't be able to handle the load. Can't wait to not be able to play Star Wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.