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AtomicGamer: "Zeno Clash II was in development for years, but in a lot of ways, it just doesn't really feel like that time was well-spent. The creators put lots of effort into making the game bigger, but it only winds up adding baggage to a game that's already pushing the limits of what we'd call "charming". I don't mind that Zeno Clash II is a fundamentally weird game with outlandish designs, but simple, tight, and impactful gameplay needs to back up such an insane visual designs - and too much of what was truly important got lost when ACE Team decided to add so many things that wind up getting in the way of that core fun. The brawling is fun, the AI is bad, the voice acting's worse, and the graphics depict some of the weirdest things you'll see in a first person video game. Zeno Clash II isn't amazing, but for twenty bucks, it gets the job done - if only barely."

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