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Soul Sacrifice Review | Paste

Paste: "Upon first booting Sacrifice, the first image you see is a hellish mosaic: A pair of monstrous warriors clad in spiked, irregular mail and tattered cloaks, wielding unnatural arms hideously conjured, seemingly, from spidery flesh and blackened obsidian, bracing for battle with a pincushion-esque grotesquery in a fury of lightning and debris. From here you can imagine you and a friend in this position, having traversed hellfire and chaos to get to this climactic point where friend may even become foe.

Wouldn’t that have been great?" (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice) 4.5/10

beakeroo1  +   791d ago
Haha, what a retarded review. Lame.
Thirty3Three  +   791d ago
"Hey, I played one match in the demo... I'm an idiot. What should I rate it?"

"Uhh, I have the game. It's amazing. I'd give it a 9/10 or a 10/10."

"Okay, well I'm not smart, so I'll give it a 4.5/10. People will love me for it."

InMyOpinion  +   790d ago
This isn't the first site to give it lower scores though.

gamecritics.com - 4/10
EGM - 6/10
Edge Magazine UK - 6/10

Perhaps you are overrating it because it's a Vita game, and you want the Vita to do good?
drizzom  +   790d ago
@InMyOpinion & @Thirty3Three

Its probably best to ignore scores altogether and get a game that you like.

These number values mean different things to different people. Its just not reliable.
beakeroo1  +   790d ago
All that proved is that this isn't the first numbskull to "review" the game.
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Aceman18  +   790d ago
another reviewer who can go shove his review up his you know what. this game is awesome is all ill say
majiebeast  +   791d ago
Click the plus next to the sites name and rate it down.

Guy probably played the demo and decided to review that.

Mission 1,2 and 4 can be button mashed. The rest can hardly be done this way goodluck button mashing things like Slime's and Jack o Lantern at first try.
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beakeroo1  +   791d ago
Done and done.
joeorc  +   791d ago
@ majiebeast
"Mission 1,2 and 4 can be button mashed. The rest can hardly be done this way goodluck button mashing things like Slime's and Jack o Lantern at first try. "

I was going to bring up Jack...lol



yeah try button mashing this LMAO...hahaha
drizzom  +   790d ago
whoops, replied to the wrong person. Don't mind me.
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b_one  +   791d ago
im wondering if i should report this...
TongkatAli  +   791d ago
4.5 my ass
Saintdante  +   791d ago
It seems like this reviewer has no idea how the game works at all... did they just play the demo?
cmpunk53  +   791d ago
Even the demo doesn't deserve a 4.5.
Coltrane_C  +   791d ago
This Review is Terrible. Rated Down
cmpunk53  +   791d ago
Another wannabe site who wants to be the "best" reviewer in town. Stop clicking this website and they will all go away.
lodossrage  +   791d ago
Guys, you have to realize something
There are a ton of no name sites with zero credibility doing ANYTHING to get hits. Just look at this review and that's all the proof you really need.

Those of you that have the game, played the demo, or at least seen videos of gameplay know what you're getting with this game.

So do yourselves a favor and don't entertain sites like this with website hits.
Blastoise  +   791d ago
Is this the same game as the one I'm playing?

Cos the one I'm playing is pretty awesome
arbitor365  +   791d ago
dont even give this idiot hits. just hit the plus button, vote down and move along
cyberninja  +   791d ago
Why is such crap gets approved? Rarely a game deserves such a low score, stop feeding those attention whores. Lame..
Snookies12  +   790d ago
Yeah, seriously. Anything under a 5 out of 10 should be considered BROKEN. Which is completely untrue in this game's case. I don't care if the dude didn't like the game, it still plays like it should and looks good. That alone should keep it at the very minimum a 5 out of 10 in my opinion.
mercyme   791d ago | Spam
Williamson  +   791d ago
Pardon my language but....wow another fucking dumb review by some desperate hit seeking moron. To be honest we see too many so called "journalists" trolling good games on this site....I hope articles like these stop popping up. It used to be funny to just laugh when I read these articles but now its annoying.
sherimae2413  +   790d ago
this is the 1st time i see you get mad in here onii-chan....
just like the others, you have a reason to.
we know that this game deserves a better review scores..
it makes ign review look better when i see this too...

to me, i dont know what to say about this....
maybe im getting used to it....
lots of vita-haters out there... just have to deal with it ^_^
sherimae2413  +   790d ago
oh, just downvote this annoying site so we can see less of them in future vita game reviews ^_^
i wouldnt be surprised if they give tearaway a 3/10
and says a paper mario rip-off, lol

besides there a lots of vita game announcements for this day even they are indie titles they look and sound fun and unique
it will make up for this bad reviews from gaming sites
so relax ^_^

and btw good evening
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LoveOfTheGame  +   790d ago
Wait, is Tearaway like paper mario? Cause I think that would be awesome, also I haven't looked up anything on tearaway.
Hicken  +   790d ago
Amazed the usual suspects haven't shown up in here yet, supporting this crappy excuse for a review.

Voted down.
belac09  +   790d ago
this game is freaking great, what a douche review.

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