COD-BF The Rivalry Continues

Alive Game Zone | It was the last time Activision and EA dueled and MOH was literally blow away into oblivion.However Battlefield 4 is one different beast.

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ichimaru1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I'm admittedly biased. I guess because cod4 set such an unbelievably high standard both single and multiplayer wise, that every sequel thereafter disappointed me. Though cod4 is in my top 5 of all time, I'm loving the battlefield series, doubt it will change

Muerte24941841d ago

series reminds me of Madden. It only adds minor enhancements (if they can be called that) over each installment and charges you $60. Not to mention that it could is something that could have easily just been patched into the current game (like GT5). Battlefield hasn't changed much either but it offers more ways to play and on a larger scale. You can be horrible at shooting but an awesome pilot of a tank, jet, or chopper. Battlefield also forces team play unlike COD. The last COD I bought was COD4:MW and haven't looked back since.

Insomnia_841841d ago

I'll get both but play BF the most.

Getowned1841d ago

Cod vs BF4 ? ... that's easy the answer is Bad Company 2, Bad company 2 plays like a beast! I love the PC version, more enjoyable to me than BF4 was.

T3AMRR1841d ago

lol ...more enjoyable to you than BF4 Was ????

Well i think we cannot Play BF4 can you compare 2 games if one is not in market yet !!!

Khan6131841d ago

Actually neither are on the market yet.

Getowned1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

meant 3 lol.. opps... derrr.


I actually want Bad Company 3 more than BF4, as long as BC3 is similar to BC2

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