Deep Silver: Dead Island: Riptide isn’t Dead Island 1.5, yet it’s not considered a sequel

Dead Island: Riptide’s creative producer Anthony Cardahi defends the recently-released Dead Island sequel against the accusation that it’s just an expansion pack of the first game. However, Cardahi admits that Riptide’s not considered a sequel as the focus wasn’t on “innovation.”

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Snookies121599d ago

Sooooo... It's a really big expansion pack...?

Eldyraen1598d ago

Pretty much. Standalone expansion with optional save transfer. Its not the first of its kind by any means but some people don't like the idea--PC has seen this time of game the most though.

DrRichtofen1599d ago

Well whatever it is I'm certainly enjoying slaying some zombies with my friends. Xian ftw

FullmetalAlchemist1598d ago

Apparently people disagree with you enjoying a game you bought smh

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1598d ago

I thought people already knew it was an expansion pack as soon as they mentioned you can carry over your character's level.

jay21598d ago

its DI 1.75! DI 2 for next gen.

Wizziokid1598d ago

I can forgive them since they didn't sell it at full retail price, £28 for a pretty big expansion

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