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PS4 And Next Xbox Won't Save Console Gaming


"I've been playing games for 80% of my life now and that number will only inch upwards as I continue into old age, senility, and all the other horrible things that go along with it. I've been the kind of enthusiast that always wanted the newest games and the latest information, making E3 an inter-dimensional portal to the future and, oh my God, the future is awesome! Seriously, have you guys seen the Nintendo 64? 64 is a ridiculously high number which means it's super-powerful.

"The point is, I've been around the block. I've been a dedicated portable gamer. I've been on the winning side of console wars and I've been on the losing side of the console wars. I've seen fat times and I've seen lean times, and so has the industry. But consoles have never seen so many threats to their market, including the missteps that have taken place over the past eight years. Believe me when I say the major console manufacturers have kind of screwed themselves on this one." (PS4, Xbox One)

Vengeance1138  +   843d ago
Not even gonna read this one due to its lunacy. Unless its a humor piece? "Save" console gaming?? Froooommm what? Exactly? Console gaming will be around forever and not much if anything can replace it.
-Mika-  +   843d ago
It seems like you already have your mind made up so Im not going to go into detail to explain why you're wrong. All I have to say is think logically and be realistic. Take off your rose colored glasses and think. This doesn't just apply to you. This applies to most of the other users on this site because it honestly seems like me and a few other users are honestly thinking realistically about the gaming industry and it future.
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tigertron  +   842d ago
Mika, no, just...no.
joeorc  +   842d ago
ok with rose colored glass'es off
"Now the freshest, most forward-thinking talent in games development has an open and accessible market waiting for their product. It doesn't matter if many iOS and Android games never hit the highs of an Angry Birds or Rope-Cutting Simulator. The fact that these individuals, the ones responsible for coding and designing the next big thing on your home console, have left the market altogether is a warning shot to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft."

ok the jist of this entire piece is the PC and the smartphone and Tablet devices will further erode the console viability in the market.

The problem with this way of looking at it is, that A: the console manuf. all see this as a threat and have already taken strides to offset this. for instance all three are putting large investment's into mobile gaming space that cater's to the console player. and allows those very same developer's to make money on their software that will also run on these companies console platforms thus extra systems to make money on with the exact same software released. to not just smartphones but now also on console's at the same time.

as for PC

Notice the development's for the PC software many times now the same publisher's are also putting console as a development game that is also made for PC.

which means self publishing is the only thing of market dynamic that will matter, abd once again all three are heading toward friendly methods for self publishing on their platform. Sony already has the Pub fund, Microsoft has expanded the from the xna program as a matter of fact both Microsoft and Sony are both using x86 this time instead of Power PC processor's.

this piece talked about PC getting more people while console gamers install base eroding just does not make a lick of sense.
_-EDMIX-_  +   842d ago
if someone is wrong is it not your job to disprove that!? to say console gaming is dead is a complete joke. 260 million people say otherwise.

I love handheld PC gaming much as the next guy, but my love For has nothing to do with its financial status. talk to me when AMD or Nvida sells 260 million high end GPUs.... in a single generation. PC gaming has amazing titles like star citizen, but as a Macy a star citizen is it will sell like destiny I 100 percent guarantee it! that is why console gaming remain on the "winning" side
dcbronco  +   842d ago

There is no doubt people need to start thinking more realistically. But the gaming industry is fine. One of the major things that drives sales is new hardware. We are in the longest generation ever. It has been far too long. There is nothing in entertainment that can compete with the gaming industry right now. Not movies or music. Once the next consoles release, the sales will pick up again. And if there are deals that subsidize the purchase of the console early sales will be better than ever.

And motion controls aren't a mistake. In conjunction with standard controllers they will push innovation forward. Nothing is perfect day one. Over time and with power motion controls will become a wanted and needed addition to gaming.
raWfodog  +   842d ago
The previous generation of PS2 and Xbox sold 180 million units combined. The 360, PS3, and Wii have sold a combined total of more than 250 Million consoles this generation. There is unprecedented enthusiam from both developers and gamers regarding the PS4 and NextBox for this upcoming generation.

You say 'think logically and realistic' but to think that iOS and mobile gaming is going to somehow take developer's attention away from AAA console development is not logical at all, not with units sold forecasting into the hundred millions. Of course we'll see more developers emerging into mobile gaming but that does not equate into less consoles, just more business.
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sikbeta  +   842d ago
Now there is no hope...

avengers1978  +   842d ago
Xbox 80 million PS3 80 million wii 100 million... All 3 companies were just fine last generation. Not to mention the handheld market. Gaming is still huge, and as long as there are people( by the hundreds of millions ) playing and paying for games there will be consoles for a long time.
jlukee  +   842d ago
People can't seriously believe that a 5 minute mini game on ios and android is going eradicate the market for playstation/xbox devs... Sure you lose some of the casual gamers, which is more of a worry for nintendo, but you won't see a dent in the hardcore market for a few decades at least. People who want to play a serious, detailed and supported game will buy a console. It's as simple as that.
_-EDMIX-_  +   842d ago
@rawfodog- I completely agree. look at it this way just because the handheld Market begin to rise didn't crush replace consoles. in fact the DS alone sold 150 million units.... a single handheld almost sold more units then all the consuls combined last generation.... that's sort of a big deal..... yet here we are with the longest generation in recorded history and 150 million units later.

I'm sorry but because one part of gaming is growing doesn't mean it's destroying the other part. did the idiot who wrote this article ever stop to think that maybe some of the people who are playing these casual phone games also own consoles? hey genius just because I play words with my friends doesn't mean I'm not preordering and grand theft auto 5, I downloaded limbo off of steam I guess I'm no longer playing Battlefield 3 then...lol. it's even more funny when you realize that there more consoles sold this generation than any other.

the only thing that someone can take from this generation is that there's an explosion of more gamers!
Army_of_Darkness  +   842d ago
I have a tablet, smartphone, desktop and Laptop all with casual games here and there, but has it ever gave me the thought of replacing my real games on my Ps3 or consoles in general??
Those casual android games will/ and have never satisfied my hunger for video games.
That touching and swiping crap doesn't cut it with real games. A big screen HDTV with an actual console, controller and AAA games will always be required for true, longer lasting Hardcore games.

I don't think Sony and nintendo will ever abandon console gamers... well, not for a while anyway.
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miyamoto  +   843d ago
not gonna approve this article... but PS4 already did, imho. I know it when I see it and i am calling it now.
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Sev  +   842d ago
The PS4 didn't yet - it's not even out.

This last console generation went on far too long, and everyone in the console business is paying for it. Software sales, which drive the profit from this business, are way down. Publishers are taking less risks, so there are less and less releases on the horizon. Even the big games that have released this year, have been considered failures (like Tomb Raider) because they needed to sell more to be truly profitable.

That just doesn't happen anymore, and it's because there are too many options for gamers now. People are limited to consoles only, and Nintendo, MS, and Sony have allowed that to happen, allowed other sectors of the industry to grow too large, simply by dragging this last generation's feet about two and a half years too long. They thought Move and Kinect would keep it going, but that did NOTHING to innovate.
fsfsxii  +   842d ago
@ sev
SE set their expectations way high for TR, i think 3.4 million copies in 1 month is good for a game like this, they want their games to sell like COD which is not happening.

OT: I don't know what needs saving, seriously.
dboyc310  +   843d ago
Exactly don't really know why it need "saving" O.o this us the first generation where the 3 manufacturers are able to cross the 100 million mark. Don't see why people are failing to see that.
knifefight  +   843d ago
I understand disagreeing with a prediction, but coming right out and admitting that you didn't even listen to the other side's point? That's kind of immature. >_>

As for the topic at hand:
There are valid points and concerns on both sides. I, for one, have no idea what will happen. On one hand, I want to think that console gaming will be fine for decades to come. On the other, I never thought digitally owning music would ever bump CDs like it has, never thought we'd see the day that teenagers own cellphones, etc. I don't know anymore, and I feel old, haha XD
I certainly hope console gaming sticks around.
uncharted56  +   842d ago
I work in the IT industry. So I have some knowledge as to this even though I am still completing my degree and then gaming related programs so I can get into the gaming industry. Here is what I will say consoles will eventually diminish with time because more portable means of gaming will replace them. You will have portable devices that will start to emulate games with pc graphics. The only shortcoming I see in the portable gaming today is that the hardware limitation which will change with time and control scheme aka how the player interacts with the game because I am thinking in future they will implement something that will not be touchscreen based controls but maybe something futuristic or a controller that will be portable enough so you can carry it with your portable device and game on the go.
raWfodog  +   842d ago
"You will have portable devices that will start to emulate games with pc graphics. The only shortcoming I see in the portable gaming today is that the hardware limitation which will change with time..."

But then wouldn't the logical evolution of that same argument be that as portable gaming becomes better so will 'stationary' consoles or PCs? People keep saying that portable gaming will become better but think that console and PC gaming won't continue to evolve as well.
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ZodTheRipper  +   842d ago
Portable gaming replacing consoles? I don't think so. I rather play at home on a big TV. I probably even play more iPhone/Vita games at home than I do outside.
stuna1  +   842d ago
I did'nt know console gaming needed saving! If anything we might very well have our first true case if immortality! Gaming on consoles is constantly evolving and will continue to do so.
SilentNegotiator  +   842d ago
The 7th gen saw the most hardware sold of ANY generation. What does console gaming need saving from?
ijust2good  +   842d ago
Not gonna save console gaming but will kill PC gaming.
ApolloTheBoss  +   843d ago
Just, just stop please. Let's not be delusional.
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ftwrthtx  +   843d ago
Shouldn't it read "Save disc based Console Gaming" instead?
The_Infected  +   843d ago
Can't save what don't need saving:)
TrendyGamers  +   843d ago
They'll definitely keep it going at the very least.
Kingthrash360  +   843d ago
with all the hype about new consoles and the fact that E3 is about all electronic entertainment devices, console gaming remains the main feature of the whole thing. so until that changes or no one buys or geys hype about games anymore this article is a waste of laptop battery life.
Bowzabub  +   842d ago
A distraught Nintendo fanboy. Since the Wii U is fail all will be.
ps3_pwns   842d ago | Trolling | show
iNathan  +   842d ago
Gaming doesnt need to be saved
Since its not in danger.
Ron_Danger  +   842d ago
"I've been on the winning side of console wars and I've been on the losing side of the console wars."

I just want to be the first to congratulate the author for writing one of the dumbest sentences in an article about gaming ever. Didn't realize we were reading an article written by someone who is employed by all console makers.

I just hate when total flame articles are released with sentences like that which are meant to make gamers somehow relate to the author.
LoveOfTheGame  +   842d ago
I didn't know there were winners and losers in this fake war. Pretty sure the big three are still making games/consoles, so until there can be only one and two of the big three bite it pretty sure no one has won or lost yet.
Ron_Danger  +   842d ago
Totally. Game journalism created a fanboy war with all their flame bait articles, and then just sits there and complains that fanboys are ruining gaming.
T2  +   842d ago
do these people actually play console games, or are they just undercover iphone marketing reps?? phone/tablet games SUCK, the free ones are a scam because they always try to trick you into paying, the paid ones are a scam because they are minimally better than the free version, and they all are boring as hell! I have played almost every "top ten" game on android and never even touch them when i'm stuck in an airport. I'd rather read a book.
cyberninja  +   842d ago
I won't even read that s..t.
sourav93  +   842d ago
Sound like a sour PC gamer.
Pro_TactX  +   842d ago
I didn't realize that console gaming needed saving in the first place.
thehitman  +   842d ago
Ya I woke up to breaking news today as well. Guess I should start hording games in fear *shivers*.
generalthadeape  +   842d ago
When I saw the title of this article, I just asked myself, "Huh?".

I wasn't aware that there was a problem with console gaming.

It also never occurred to me that console gaming needed to be "saved".

I sure am glad this fellow took time out of his busy life to "clue us in"-- not!

As a gamer that has played games over several decades, I can tell you without a doubt-- CONSOLE GAMING IS VERY MUCH ALIVE & WELL-- give me a break!
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g-nome  +   842d ago
Think of it , there is a potential 200 Million customers out there who will not stop playing AAA console games anytime soon , and who will most likely buy into next gen hardware. Nothing to worry about. The nature of the hardware might change , but we are still looking for epic gaming experiences that you cannot get on mobiles and pads.
arbitor365  +   842d ago
i dont see how the PS4 could be less successful than the PS3, considering the PS3's lackluster launch and difficult first few years.

and im sure the next xbox will fare better, if it doesnt have horrible failure rates like the 360 did.

I think the next generation of consoles are going to be more successful than their predecessors (except the wii u, obviously)
Max-Zorin  +   842d ago
This site approve anything.
ooquis  +   842d ago
I can save the console gaming industry.
babis1974  +   842d ago
this article is wrong.
MasterCornholio  +   842d ago
Well if console gaming is really in danger then its up to Microsoft or Sony to save it since Nintendo screwed up badly with the Wii U.

But lets be realistic here console gaming has been in a decline recently due to the fact that current generation hardware is ancient and Nintendo failed to deliver a next gen experience with the Wii U. Taking Nintendo out of the equation leaves Microsoft and Sony. The only thing those two firms need to do is design appealing hardware (no ipad controllers or underpowered hardware) at a great price with good software (not replicate the Wii Us poor 3rd and 1st party support at launch) and their consoles where succeed where the Wii U has failed.
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_LarZen_  +   842d ago
"PS4 And Next Xbox Won't Save Console Gaming"

Takes keyboard and slams in to article, silence you dumb dumb article.
dbjj12088  +   842d ago
Now I'm just worried about your keyboard.
leogets  +   842d ago
not even guns entertain this article, is this article poster on drugs?
Jdoki  +   842d ago
"I've been playing games for 80% of my life now."

Got ya beat, been gaming for 86.4% of my life... as a conservative estimate. Therefore my opinion holds more weight than yours, and I say consoles will be fine for a good few generations yet.
T2  +   842d ago
I'm gonna guess the writer is 15 and has been playing games since age 3.... lol.
Rageanitus  +   842d ago
This argument is valid, if there is alternative to console game?

Just like the argument that console gaming taking over PC gaming.
Dlacy13g  +   842d ago
" I've been on the winning side of console wars".... Everything this guys says after that falls on deaf ears for me. If you consider yourself on the "winning side" of a "console war" you are just a fanboy with a computer and a blog.
aman84r  +   842d ago
As long as business is sustainable and i keep getting my games all is fine with me.
dbjj12088  +   842d ago
No such thing as sustainable business in now global capitalism. A corporation must grow or die or be absorbed by another corporation.
KillrateOmega  +   842d ago
People always bring up the argument that mobile gaming will erode the console market as the hardware and software for mobile gaming improves, but cannot the same be said for 'stationary' gaming?

Just because mobile gaming may evolve, doesn't mean that consoles won't do the same.
GraveLord  +   842d ago
It doesn't need saving.
DivineAssault  +   842d ago
i didnt know that console gaming needed saving.. When did that happen??
LogicStomper  +   842d ago
Since this article said so.
tiffac008  +   842d ago
Is there a way to save us from horrible gaming journalism? No... that's a shame...
madjedi  +   841d ago
So mobile phones will kill off dedicated handhelds and pcs and mobile phones/ipads will kill off consoles.

Sorry i see handhelds taking a hit, but not consoles like some are thinking.

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