EA Publishing Star Wars Games: Good or Bad?

Dual Pixels - EA is going to be publishing and developing new Star Wars games with DICE (Battlefield 3), Visceral (Dead Space), and BioWare (Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic). I, perhaps like you, read the news and responded with a groan.

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majiebeast1963d ago

Good:They have some amazing studio's.
Bad:Microtransactions,always online and Origin.

Army_of_Darkness1963d ago

Yeah EA has some really good developers so im sure they can cook up something nice for star wars. I'm just thankful activision didn't get it cause you know it would of been garbage, just like every other non call of duty game they make! .... poor walking dead...

Donnieboi1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

"Well said", sir.

Bimkoblerutso1963d ago

While I agree with you, I think the fact that they have some amazing studios is kind of moot.

Maxis and Bioware USED to be incredible studios, but they have "mysteriously" started sucking under the management at EA.

Number-Nine1963d ago

Could be good, but probably bad.

banjadude1963d ago

Obligatory: "That's not true! That's impossible!!"

Neverending1963d ago

Simcity ? Dead Space 3 ? Mass Effect 3 (ending) ?.... EA = bad idea....

RuleofOne343 1963d ago

EA equals 3rd party on all consoles. Now that what had to happen w/ an IP like Star Wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.