Yahoo builds up defense against Microsoft

Sunnyvale (CA) – Yahoo has published some numbers which the company claims provide some insight why the company has rejected Microsoft's acquisition offer. The firm unveiled a presentation to investors with financial expectations until 2010, which the company believes provides enough evidence for the claim that Microsoft's $44.6 billion offer undervalues the company.

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Massacre3926d ago

*tick* *tock*...Microsoft is just laughing at them from a distance because unless google steps in, it will happen regardless of what Yahoo does.

eagle213926d ago

Microsoft better put more money up. Or leave them alone.


why cant Microsoft forget about yahoo and buy some goddamn developers - heaven knows they need them. Epic and Remedy look ripe for the picking.

Bladestar3926d ago

ahaha!.. hire developers!? you are funny... do you actually think that Microsoft is interested on yahoo source code or business process? They only care about their existing user base and brand recognition... microsoft is probably going to strip/drop many of the yahoo process, tools and technology... for example, if they use Oracle they will replace it with SQL Server.. if they use linux they will replace with windows servers...

Trust me.. Microsoft is not buying yahoo because they want to copy their source code.... but simply because it would take too long and cost too much to gain the user base yahoo already have... and by the time they can do that assuming they could... google would be too far ahead...

SEAN16173926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

they would be light years behind google, as far as ad revenue and user base, unless they would offer free adspace. i mean google is now a word in the dictionary, its part of the worlds lexicon. I mean when was the last time you "yahooed something" M$ wants to buy yahoo because it knows it's becoming a dinosaur.

jinn3925d ago

its a monopoly attempt