God of War 3 & God of War: Ascension “Could be Done” on the PS4, Says Sony Santa Monica

Now that God of War: Ascension is shipped and on store shelves, with only the task of DLC and multiplayer upkeep keeping them on the game, Sony Santa Monica is looking ahead to the PlayStation 4 and what they can do with it. - PSLS

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neoMAXMLC1898d ago

The EXACT same words that popped up in my head when I read the headline. lol

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Enemy1898d ago

I'm afraid to see what SSM will do with the PS4. I'm not sure they'll be allowed to go as far as they want to this time due to the extremely realistic detail in muscle tearing the PS4 will put out.

Dlacy13g1898d ago

Agreed... of course it can, and they will happily sell it to you again. Just like MS and their Halo games. And Nintendo with the HD zelda games coming for WiiU. If the feel their is real opportunity to sell more and the cost analysis makes sense they will most likely do it.

ps3_pwns1898d ago

dont forget pokemon and zelda and star fox 3ds lol.

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TrendyGamers1898d ago

I'd prefer to have a brand new God of War on PS4.

ThatCanadianGuy5141898d ago

Nah.Time to let it rest.GoW 3 should of ended it.Hell, it DID end it.Story was wrapped up perfectly.

GoW:A was just a needless prequel.Time to see Santa monica branch out and try something else, in a different genre maybe.RPG would be nice..

Relientk771898d ago

I would love to see them try a new genre, RPG would be awesome

Enemy1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Where did Kratos' body go at the end of GOW3? His body disappeared.

I say reboot with a new female character, or new action IP.

porkChop1898d ago

Dude... an RPG made by SSM? That would be amazing. That's one genre that Sony is seriously lacking when it comes to 1st party games. They really need both a good WRPG and JRPG franchise.

ZodTheRipper1898d ago

They really need to try out something new at this point. Like Naughty Dog with The Last Of Us - and we all know how that turned out. As it seems I might even like it more than Uncharted.

nunley331897d ago

GOW:Ascension was just a stopgap to hold you over while they worked on the next real GOW game for PS4.This would easily explain why its the weakest entry in the series, not as much was put into it as was put into the others.

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b_one1898d ago

New God of War on ps4 is instant buy for me. Im afraid what they can do with it, having Cernys machine on thier side.

ABizzel11898d ago

I prefer a brand new mythology for the PS4 God of War.

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Foolsjoker1898d ago

No, I'd say do a new GOW, not sure I want more GOW remakes.

Shacojin1898d ago

Prefer a new IP from Santa Monica... but if they have to continue the franchise... make it open world Fallout/GTA style with GoW mechanics

Reborn1898d ago

I'd be a bit stunned if it couldn't. Wouldn't it mean a step backwards?

Either way, looking forward to seeing what Santa Monica do next gen.

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