NVIDIA Launches the Fastest Graphics Card on the Planet

New Generation Dual GPU solution provides a complete, high definition entertainment experience for the PC

The NVIDIA GeForce 9800GX2 is the latest graphics card to revolutionise your PC experience. GeForce 9800 GX2 gives the best gaming performance in the world, HybridPower means a quiet, low power and more environmentally friendly PC and PureVideo HD takes your PC to the cutting edge of High Definition.

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QelDroma7693923d ago

This would be one of the greatest advantage of NVIDIA, even there big in size, it doesn't matter is the quiality it give you. Never change Nvidia for anything. I swear it.

The Fungus3923d ago

I don't like the title 'Fastest card on the planet'.

Every time a new card is released, it could be classified as 'The fastest card on the planet'. Cards are release ALL THE TIME. That means about every couple of months, we have a new Worlds Fastest Card. I'm not saying its incorrect, I'm just saying its a silly way to classify a cards speed.

And what defines fast anyways? I know this card will play any game faster than any other card(There might be an exception), but how fast does it render 3d Cinema Graphics? Cards geared specifically toward that would render MUCH faster, and therefore could be classified as faster, no?

IDK. I'm in a ranty mood right now XD

BTW, this card seems awesome. I wish I had enough money to stay on the bleeding edge of computer gaming/tech, but I just don't. I've only got a dual core AMD 4600+, 2 Gigs of DDR2(4200) and a Radeon HD 2600 Pro 512mb. It does good, but it's no Crysis player.

moses3923d ago

It should be titled something like, fastest SINGLE, CONSUMER card. There is a series Nvidia has out that costs $18,000 to render cinema stuff, that is O_O holy crap powerful.
I actually got in a PM fight with someone and they claimed that the PS3's RSX was much more powerful then the Nvidia Quadroplex, lol.

ravenguard883923d ago

With those PS3 fans that think the PS3 is actually as good as Sony tells them?

They bother me so much. And they even try and throw technical data at you without even understanding it!

kornbeaner3923d ago

Agreed Fungus, I wish I to could stay on the cutting edge of PC tech cause this card seems awesome and imagine owning 2!!!. Quad GPU's, they've done it before with their 7950x2 cards about a year ago. This card would be awesome.

@moses, was the member Aizure????
Cause I got into a PM fight with him stating the same thing about RSX vs the 8800 ultra in SLi mode.

VirusE3923d ago

Yeah its fast but not fast enough in my opinion. This is just to minor of an upgrade to warrant a 600 dollar buy in. 2 8800gt cards can be bought for 400 and offer nearly the same performance.

moses3923d ago

It really shouldn't be in the 9 series, this really deserves the name as a 8800GX2, it really doesn't even preform better then two 8800 GT's in SLI. I think Nvidia released the 9 series pre-maturely and made a mistake by making it so related to the 8 series, I mean, there isn't that MUCH of an improvement. The jump from 7 to the 8 series was phenomenal, but the jump from the 8 to 9 is anything but.

xsteinbachx3923d ago

basically you're buying it for the opportunity to go tri or quad sli.

sak5003923d ago

I have the fastest card on the planet of 2006, 7950GX2.

M337ING3923d ago

Don't you mean the 8800GTX? ;)

Tempist3923d ago

I agree with post #1, this is by no means the fastest card. You could probably overclock another card to make it way faster than this card does.

The biggest problem however is that these beastly cards need... 197 Watts.... Which is absolutely intolerable.

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