Everything wrong with Bioshock Infinite writes some more about Boishock Infinite. After a few articles praising it to the heavens, it's time for a skeptical view that picks apart other design choices that some may not have followed blindly without discrepancies. It can't all be gold.

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SpiralTear1901d ago

I dunno. I'm trying to be open-minded and follow the author's argument, but a lot of those examples don't hold as much water as they should.

The Skylines didn't nauseate me nearly as much as they seem to do for the author, especially when you can zoom in and focus your aim.

No disrespect to the author, but it seems like they were intentionally trying to find flaws with the game just to write this article. While it isn't perfect, the remainder of the game is so refined and inventive that these problems seem all the more petty and insignificant. My views, however.

NeXXXuS1901d ago

I don't think any game is perfect. There are just some people that want attention pointing out minor flaws.

r211901d ago

Its nauseating if you go super fast but you dont have to. The author does know that he can slow down and stop or just find a spot to land on.

Bob Dole1901d ago

Still waiting for this one to go on sale. $60 for a 12 hour game is a little steep.

adorie1901d ago

try 1999 mode without using the dollar bill vendor, on your first try, without looking things up online. That should double your playtime.

Daavpuke1900d ago

It's still worth the money. There's a pretty awesome replay value attached to the game. Though, perhaps with a price drop, you can also shell out some cash for a season pass and get some more content out of it. I doubt you'll find many other shooters with a longer campaign than that.

gamernova1901d ago

I am not reading the article because I am expecting an incredibly small list.

AmayaAi1900d ago

lol. The article says add more if you came across any. So why not.