New EA Star Wars games will be built with Frostbite 3

DICE developer confirms that new Star Wars games at DICE and Visceral will be built on the Frostbite 3 engine.

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vork771625d ago

so will ea finish starwars 1313?

ijust2good1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I wish its Like Mass Effect...A Shooter at the core but with RPG elements in the star wars universe.

Best hoping we see SW:BF3 or just the multiplayer for XLA/PSN for next gen.

fossilfern1624d ago

Mass effect an RPG? Perhaps ME1 but 2 and 3 are not RPGs

Majin-vegeta1625d ago

Give Crytek UK SWBF3!!So they can finish it.

majiebeast1625d ago

Rather see DICE handle that one.

arjman1625d ago

I'd love to see DICE make it as well but I have this fear that it'll just be a re-skinned Battlefield 3.

jdktech20101625d ago

God no....crytek are ok and I liked Crysis 3 MP but a game with vehicles, shooting and flying vehicles seems like it would go better with a dev who knows how to do all that already in DICE

Swiftcricket1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Crytek UK is the original developers of Battlefront 3. Only reason they're Crytek now is because they bought them out. Though the thought of DICE doing it is interesting too.

Edit: Forgot to specify Battlefront 3.

_-EDMIX-_1625d ago

I'm one of the disagrees....."good" choice? da faq? Thats not a good choice buddy.

THATS A DAMN GREAT CHOICE! To the fellow disagreers, I least I'm saying why I disagree cause its great not good. duh. But really, could anyone of you even state a damn publisher that would be better to hold the Star Wars IP? EA just has a stable of beast teams that can deliver a great Star Wars game. I know Ubisoft did a great job with Force Unleashed, but could they do a Star Wars MP game, then a Star Wars RPG?

I'm sorry but EA is the best bet on this one. Bioware, DICE and Visceral are just some ace teams, I could not think of any publisher with 3 other studios in which I would want the Star Wars IP to be made.

nirwanda1624d ago

I don't disagree with people on here often and I usually explain when I do,
Star wars 2113 was looking really promising and I don't believe any normal company seeing that work they have done wouldn't let them finish the work.

Now EA are involved after scenting a large intellectual property up for grabs may have had a little word with disney

sergons1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Press "F" to cut leg with Lightsaber...

Supermax1625d ago

Bring battlefront 3 out for next gen..

Wenis1625d ago

It will.. the game will take 2 or 3 yrs to make, and next gen will be well established by then. Its too bad that we didn't get a SWBF game this gen though..

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