Top 5 Characters This Generation

As the years roll on through a console’s lifespan, you find yourself more emotionally attached to certain characters, both playable and non. Maybe these characters were relatable to you, or you found their stories more personal. Maybe they reminded you of someone you know, or go through similar events. In the end, there’s just something about certain characters that make them feel more real than others. Here are the top 5 best characters this gen. Spoilers follow.

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Jackhass1926d ago

Not sure if he's #1, but I did like John Marston a lot.

Kratoscar20081925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

He is!.Hands down the best character Rockstar has ever created.

Conzul1925d ago

Cole Friggin McGrath

I have spoken.

ABizzel11925d ago

WTF this list fails.

Everyone knows the best character was the clown from Heavy Rain....

On a serious note, surprised by the absences of Uncharted cast.

Ilovetheps41925d ago

I have three personal favorites. I like Cole a lot from inFamous. He is just a cool character who has some cool super powers.

I also liked Ethan Mars a lot. Heavy Rain was a great game and really made me connect with him.

And then my third and kind of odd favorite. I liked Drebin's monkey. I'm not sure what most people thought of him, but any monkey that smokes and drinks alcohol/sodas is awesome in my book.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1925d ago

Im sorry but Cole being a "cool character" and having "cool super powers" doesnt make him a good character. There has to actually be emotion and layered personality to be a good character. Im sorry Im not trying to sound like an ass but I just can't stand when a best character list is made and someone wants a character that has awesome shoes over someone like Ethan Mars.

Ilovetheps41925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Alright well how about this:

*Spoilers ahead*

I think it's awesome how he is Kessler. He went back in time to give himself powers to defeat the beast. He played it out well and was pretty smart, and was willing to sacrifice hundreds of lives so that he could stop the beast in the future. There is a lot of depth to him. His emotional connection to Trish. His connection to Zeke. The humor between the two. He was a great character that had depth. If he didn't have depth, why did all the fans flip out when they changed his character model? It was because they had connected with the Cole they had grown to love.

And also, there's nothing wrong with liking a character because of them being just awesome. I mean a character doesn't have to be a deep character to add humor. But, if they add the humor well, they can be a great character. Not every great character has to be this amazingly well rounded person. I mean one of my favorite characters from last generation was Daxter. He wasn't a real deep character. He was just hilarious to watch.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1925d ago

None of what you just said was anything like what you said in your first comment. I am going off from you saying Cole is an awsome character because he's cool and has cool powers period. You can say you like a character because he's cool and all that but thats not what this list here is about. Its about best characters on a different level than what your talking about.

dark-kyon1925d ago

sorry but marston is a prety forgetable character.cleary rockstar fanboy.

WildArmed1925d ago

Huh? John Marston was a pretty awesome character.

KillrateOmega1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

One of his super moves will involve him yelling "Jason!" with the sound waves taking out opponents.

chrispseuphoria1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

JASON! Level 3 - Red Balloons fill the screen and when they float up, you'll see the characters disappear.

hellzsupernova1925d ago

watch this

it is very funny of what Ethan Mars could be/do

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